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Traditional Scholars Team Articles List

List of articles by Intellectuals with the Indian Sanskriti Lens/ Perspective (Traditional Scholars Team)

April 29, 2016  
The deepest Orientalist - Makarand R Paranjape Makarand R Paranjape
April 20, 2016  
“I learnt how to articulate Dharma from Rajiv Malhotra” Jyoti Kaul
April 14, 2016  
Rajiv Malhotra’s response to his critics: “Four-tier model of the purva-paksha” Rajiv Malhotra
Why Did Kalavai Venkat Abuse Me? Sejuti Banerjea
 April 13, 2016  
Rebuttal to Swapan Dasgupta by Vinayak Pandey Vinayak Pandey
April 11, 2016  
Crisis in American higher education: Pitfalls and Opportunities for India Rajiv Malhotra
Rajiv Malhotra's Contribution to Sanskriti is Unique Vedic Desi
April 10, 2016  
S. Ganesh’s review of "The Battle for Sanskrit" by Rajiv Malhotra: A poor model of scholarship that misses the point the book makes Ragini Sharma
April 04, 2016  
The Challenge Of Understanding Sheldon Pollock Part 1: How to make sense of Sheldon Pollock?
Rajiv Malhotra
Purvapaksha: Has Shatavadhani Ganesh Really Understood Pollock? Rajiv Malhotra
March 29, 2016  
Response To Shatavadhani Ganesh Suresh Vure
March 28, 2016  
Dr. Vinayak Pandey’s Response To S. Ganesh’s Review Of 'The Battle For Sanskrit' Dr. Vinayak Pandey
Wendy Doniger's Translation of हर्ष’S रत्नावली And प्रियदर्शिका Dr. Shankar Rajaraman
March 27, 2016  
Ragini Sharma's response to Shatavadhani Ganesh Ragini Sharma
Aditi Banerjee’s Response To Shatavadhani Ganesh’s Review Of “The Battle For Sanskrit” Aditi Banerjee
Response to Shatavadhani Ganesh’s review of The Battle for Sanskrit Thisisnotrightwing
An exchange with a Scholar Raja Baradwaj Rajagopalan
March 26, 2016  
Rajiv Malhotra's preliminary response to Shatavadhani Ganesh Rajiv Malhotra
A Layman's Response To Shatavadhani Ganesh Sejuti Banerjea
A Critique Of Dr.Ganesh’s Critical Review Of Rajiv Malhotra’s ‘The Battle For Sanskrit’ Jithu Arav
March 25, 2016  
Where is the Home Team? Rajiv Malhotra
A humble response to S Ganesh’s article “The Bhagavad Gita before the battle” Megh Kalyanasundaram
March 24, 2016  
What is in a Name? India or South Asia Dr. Naveen Chandra
March 23, 2016  
Playing Jekyll & Hide - The Academic Pathosis of Sheldon Pollock Rajagopal
Sheldon Pollock is correct if..... Archit Bhardwaj
The Sheldon Pollock Hold on Indian Minds Rajesh Singh
March 22, 2016  
Responses to Ananya Vajpeyi's Article: "Why Sheldon Pollock Matters" Krishna Kumar Pillalamarri & Satchitananda

Response to Ananya Vajpeyi's article by Response By Prof. Neeraj Kumbhakarna
Prof. Neeraj Kumbhakarna
A limited response to Ananya Vajpeyi’s article “Why Sheldon Pollock matters” Megh Kalyanasundaram
March 21, 2016  
The problem with Pollock Why the Murty Classical Library of India needs a rethink Makarand R. Paranjape
Why it is OK to question Rohan Murty Archit Bhardwaj
March 20, 2016  
ANNOUNCEMENT: ​Conference Series for ​Purva-Paksha on Western Indology K.S.Kannan
March 18, 2016  
What the Buddhist Translation Project Can Teach Rohan Murty and the Rest of US
Rajiv Malhotra
Bill Gates' new dangerous project in India Rajiv Malhotra
March 17, 2016  
Why We Need Swadeshi Indology Sejuti Banerjea
Rohan Murty & His Critics Ought To Have Been Allies In Battle For Sanskrit Ganesh Arnaal
March 16, 2016  
Sheldon Pollock, the commie should be ignored. Implement 10 year roadmap for Samskritam Srinivasan Kalyanaraman
March 14, 2016  
Why Sheldon Pollock is wrong in rejecting Paramarthika? Ajay Singh

An Intellectual Kshatriya Responds to Outlook Article attacking petitioners
Megh Kalyanasundaram

Errors and distortions in the MCLI translated Surdas poetry called Sur's Ocean
Journalist/Professor Gopinath
Distortions in Sheldon Pollock's translations  
Examples of Bad Translations Senthilkumaran RS
March 13, 2016  
Purvapaksha of Wendy Doniger edited 'Purana Perennis'  
March 11, 2016  
Vishal Agarwal Responds to the Wire Article Vishal Agarwal
Analysis of Pollock's Position on Shastras  Divya J.
Should Our Texts be Called as 'Classical' and Hence Dead? Megh Kalyanasundaram
Divya J Writes Another Blazing Rebuttal on the Views of Sheldon Pollock Divya J.
 March 10, 2016  
Pollock’s obsession with Sanskrit’s past instead of what it really says Palak Shah
Professor Gopinath answers questions from a journalist of Business Standard Journalist/Professor Gopinath
Errors in Murty Classical Library of India Dr. Naveen Chandra
Quality of Translation Done by Sheldon Pollock Team  Dr. Naveen Chandra
 March 09, 2016  
Let's Stop Funding Our Enemies Aditi Banerjee
What Rohan Murtys TOI Comment Really Says Sejuti Banerjea
American Progressives also typify others: Olmsted and Pollock Kausik Gangopadhyay
March 08, 2016  
Rajiv Malhotra’s Responses To Questions By A Journalist Rajiv Malhotra
Vande Mataram library to challenge Sheldon Pollock’s Murty Classical Library of India Shreekanth A. Nair
Kanchi Seer Mahaperiyavaa foresaw many decades ago what Rajiv Malhotra says about Indology today  
March 05, 2016  
How The Right Should Tackle The Sanskrit Crisis -Dr Nagendra Sethumadhavrao Dr. Nagendra Sethumadhavrao
The Battle For Sanskrit: Media Follies Sejuti Banerjea
 March 04, 2016  
Response towards petition to Rohan Murty reveals colonised mindset of the Indian elite Akash Ravianandan
Sheldon Pollock and the revival of Sanskrit Santhi Pasumarthi
March 03, 2016  
The Shallowness of Pollock's "Deep Orientalism" Ashay – A Critique of Contemporary Indology
Dr. Naveen Chandra's letter to Ananya Vajpeyi in response to her comments on TBFS Dr. Naveen Chandra
March 01, 2016  
Dr. Nityanand Mishra replies to Ananya Vajpayee on The Battle For Sanskrit Dr. Nityanand Mishra
Jan 26, 2016  
Twenty statements from Sheldon Pollock on India, Hinduism and Sanskrit India Facts
Jan 20, 2016
Key Debates In The Battle For Sanskrit Rajiv Malhotra
Jan 17, 2016  
Insiders versus Outsiders: Who speaks for our heritage? Rajiv Malhotra
Why Sheldon Pollock is a very important Indologist to engage  Rajiv Malhotra
August, 2015  
Richard the Troll Akash Ravianandan
July, 2015  
Rebuttal To Mihir S Sharma Akash Ravianandan
Rajiv's Kurukshetra Practical Hinduism
Statement by Professor Alok Kumar, Department of Physics, State University of New York, Oswego Alok Kumar
Andrew Nicholson On Hinduism: Rhetoric Of ‘Good Cop/Bad Cop’ Shrinivas Tilak
Rajiv Malhotra says those accusing him of plagiarism are really out to silence his voice Rajiv Malhotra