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List of Important Articles (Compiled by Shalini P.)

1. Analysis of Pollock's position on the shastras Divya Jhingran  In this article, refutes Pollock's position on the shastras where he feels that shastras are frozen in time and not conducive to creative growth.
2. Free will, the Ramayana and flaws in Pollock's analysis Divya Jhingran Pollock claims that the characters in the Ramayana do not have freedom of choice and this article by Divya Jhingran once again analyses this position.
3. How weak is the defense of Pollock by the Indian mainstream media Megh Kalyanasundaram This article deconstructs the assertions made in an article that appeared in the Outlook magazine in praise of Pollock and against the petition. The author uses content from the article itself as well as two video interviews that Pollock gave to Tehelka, to make some telling points against the article.
4. Should our texts be called "Classical" and hence dead? Megh Kalyanasundaram In this article, the author questions terming our texts as 'classical' by Pollock and other western Indologists.
5 A limited response to Ananya Vajpeyi’s article “Why Sheldon Pollock matters” Megh Kalyanasundaram Megh Kalyanasundaram pens another fine analysis of Pollock's positions using his protege Ananya Vajpeyi's article that is basically a prashasti of her mentor.
6. Professor Gopinath answers questions from a journalist of Business Standard Journalist/Professor Gopinath Following the petition gaining popularity, journalists started asking scholars who signed the petition about why they did so. In the following article, Prof. Gopinath answers some of the questions.
7. Errors and distortions in the MCLI translated Surdas poetry called Sur's Ocean Journalist/Professor Gopinath In this article, Prof. Gopinath exposes the problems with Murty Classical library translated poems from Surdas original.
8. What Rohan Murtys TOI Comment Really Says Sejuti Banerjea In this article, the author clinically exposes the holes in Rohan Murty's defence of Pollock as editor for the Murty Classical Library.
9. The Battle For Sanskrit: Media Follies Sejuti Banerjea In this article, the author questions the role of mainstream media in their staunch defense of Pollock.
10. Why it is OK to question Rohan Murty Archit Bharadwaj Here, the author says that there is every reason to question Rohan Murty on his choice of Sheldon Pollock as editor of a large translation project when what is being translated does not belong to Murty at all but to all Indians.
11. Sheldon Pollock is correct if.....  Archit Bharadwaj In this post, the author muses on the conditions under which Sheldon Pollock can be right to hold his positions.
12. American Progressives also typify others: Olmsted and Pollock Kaushik Gangopadhyay The author shows how there are striking parallels between the seemingly progressive yet deeply prejudiced views of leftist American intellectuals of the 19th century and today
13. Sheldon Pollock and the revival of Sanskrit Santhi Pasumarthi  In this article, the author refutes Pollock's thesis that Sanskrit is a dead language.
14. The Shallowness of Pollock's "Deep Orientalism" Ashay Naik This essay takes a look at Pollock's thesis of "Deep Orientalism" and shows how Pollock erroneously forges a connection between Sanskritic thought and Nazism.
15. The problem with Pollock, Why the Murty Classical Library of India needs a rethink. Makarand Paranjape Prof. Makarand Paranjape argues that neither the economy nor the discourse is enhanced by entrusting Murty Classical LIbrary project to Sheldon Pollock.
16. Let's stop funding our enemies
Aditi Banerjee
In this essay, author Aditi Banerjee exposes the limitations of western paradigms to analyse dharmic traditions.
17. The Sheldon Pollock Hold on Indian Minds
Rajesh Singh In this post, the author documents why Pollock was allowed to get away with his kind of 'research' for so long and how his control is slowly being questioned.

Rohan Murty & His Critics Ought To Have Been Allies In Battle For Sanskrit

Ganesh Arnaal In this post, the author wonders why Rohan Murty is in an opposing camp to the traditional scholars who also want like him to bring to life our civilizational achievements.
19. Playing Jekyll & Hyde - The Academic Pathosis of Sheldon Pollock Rajagopal
In this post, the author analyses the nature of Sheldon Pollock who Rohan Murty has entrusted with the task of translating our invaluable heritage.
20. Wendy Doniger's Translation of हर्ष’S रत्नावली And प्रियदर्शिका
Dr. Shankar Rajaraman


Dr. Shankar Rajaraman chronicles on his blog the errors in translations by celebrated Western Indologists like Sheldon Pollock, David Shulman, Yigal Bronner and others. So far, he has compiled only errors from the Clay library translations.
21. Errors in MCLI translations Siddhartha
This post documents the errors found by a reader of a Murty Classical Library translated work. The original work is in Telugu.
22. Distortions in Sheldon Pollock's translations Twitter user
The author documents some of the distortions of Pollock's translations.
23. Purva paksha of Wendy Doniger edited "Purana Perennis" RM forum discussion members
The work of Western Indologists are currently under the scanner and there is a discovery of distortions in other translated works. In this piece a couple of readers of Purana Perennis, a Wendy Doniger edited work, find problems with the translations from the Skanda Purana.
24. Kanchi seer Mahaperiyavaa foresaw many decades ago what Rajiv Malhotra says about Indology today  
This extract is taken from the book The Vedas by Kanchi seer Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati.The translation is by late Shri. NSS Rajan
25. Dr. Naveen Chandra's letter to Ananya Vajpeyi in response to her comments on TBFS Dr. Naveen Chandra