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Sheldon Pollock Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About: ‘Free Will’ Is A Christian Idea, Not An Indic One

Sheldon Pollock Doesnt Know

“Free will” is a Christian idea. Christian doctrine tells us that God created the world and that everything that happens in this world happens in accordance with His will.

The problem then arose that if God is perfect and good and if everything happens according to His will, then how can we explain the fact that there is so much evil in this world?

The problem of evil was conveniently explained by the fact that God gave human beings the freedom to choose between good and evil. Because human beings are sinners they often choose to do evil.

Therefore, even though God is perfect, there is evil in the world because of our God-given free choice.

This explanation about the world is absolutely crucial to Christianity. otherwise, their doctrine of a perfect God falls apart.

Sheldon Pollock proclaims that “the characters of the ‘Ramayana’ believe themselves to be denied all freedom of choice; … and consequently can exercise no control.” He laments the dire consequences our epics have had on our civilization and wants to set things right by liberating us Hindus from our fatalistic beliefs.