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Manasatarangini on the Aryan Invasion Theory By Shrikant Talageri

Shrikant- Manasatarangini on the Aryan Invasion TheoryThe article "A Note on the Early Expansions of the Indo-Europeans", stridently supports the AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) and strongly condemns the proponents of the OIT (the Out-of-India Theory), namely " S. Talageri, S. Kak, N.S. Rajaram, V. Agrawal, B.B. Lal, S. Kalyanaraman, D. Frawley, R. Malhotra, M. Danino, K. Elst, N. Kazanas and so on", "as idiots".  This article deserves a fitting reply.

I. A Racist-Casteist Mindset

I went through the article, and was amazed at the kind of rubbish which some fervent Hindus can write so seriously and at the intensity with which they can embrace the AIT for racist caste reasons. Just as there are rabid pseudo-dalit writers who promote the AIT out of racist caste obsessions, there are a large number of intensely religious brahmins who promote the AIT out of equally rabid racist caste sentiments. In my second book (The Rigveda - A historical Analysis), I have devoted a section to the "Hindu Imperialist" writers who promoted the AIT out of racist brahmin caste obsessions. Earlier, the main culprits were a section of Maharashtrian brahmins (notably Lokmanya Tilak). Today, I find sometimes on the internet that it is some stray Tamil brahmins (both Iyers and Iyengars, one example being Kalavai Venkat), who are not leftists but fervent religious Hindus, who promote the idea that the Aryans were a race of people who invaded India from some ultimate homeland situated far outside India, and that they themselves are scions of the invader race. I am almost 100% sure this blogger, who is supposed to be anonymous, is a Tamil brahmin, but he proudly declares: "Much of this work is done from a Eurocentric viewpoint but it has tremendous implications for us because we are the “other branch of Indo-European", thereby firmly proclaiming his bid to be accepted as a member of the Indian "branch" of the European race (since it is his insistence that this is a racial issue involving DNA), inspite of being linguistically a speaker probably of a Dravidian language. These rabid writers are staunch Vedic Hindus, staunch ritualists and staunch opponents and critics of Abrahamic religions, but they are also staunch casteist brahmins and staunch proponents of the AIT/AMT. They represent the present brood of the brahmin scholars whom Dr Ambedkar referred to when he wrote: "As Hindus they should ordinarily show a dislike for the Aryan theory with its expressed avowal of the superiority of the Aryan races over the Asiatic races. But the Brahmin scholarhas not only no such aversion, but he most willingly hails it.  The reasons are obvious.  The to be a representative of the Aryan race and he regards the rest of the Hindus as descendants of the non-Aryans.  The theory helps him to establish his kinship with the European races and share their arrogance and their superiority.  He likes particularly that part of the theory which makes the Aryan an invader and a conqueror of the non-Aryan races.  For it helps him to maintain his overlordship over the non-Brahmins" (Vol.7, p.80).