Last updateFri, 23 Jun 2017 9am

How The Right Should Tackle The Sanskrit Crisis


During the controversy of James Laine’s book on Shivaji in 2004, the then PM Vajpayee had mentioned that “Countering the views in a particular book by another good book is understandable.” What he essentially meant was that the answer to a book should be a book. The whole petition and controversy regarding Murthy Classical Library reinvigorates certain tenets that the Right and Conservatives should adhere to. 

Firstly, Rajiv Malhotra has blown the veil of biased “Indology” and he deserves credit for it. What the Right should not do however is to play the same old game that the Left-Lib has played all this while. For decades the Left pressurised and bullied many scholar who didn’t toe their line. This led to a permeation of a single-sided Leftist view point across all spheres of life from education to media.

And whom are we fighting against? This isn’t an imperial battle that’s divided by geography but it’s a well-established systematic architecture with deep foundations within India and Indians across. While we argue whether Pollock should be the head of MCL series or not, take a step back and you will find that he is the ‘Arvind Raghunathan’ Professor of South Asian Studies, a chair funded by another Indian. 

While the Murthys can be criticized for their selection, what about the Sringeri Mutt one of the highest Adaviatic school of learning which was all set or is set to start a chair of Hindu Studies in Columbia with Pollock.

In strategy we need to pick the battles at the Right Time.The most important instrument of creating this base is the language Sanskrit itself. What Hebrew is to Jews,Sanskrit has to become for Hindus and there has to be a deep trickle down effect to its masses. So how can this mass movement be enabled?