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Issue: Debates on Rajiv Malhotra's Book - "The Battle For Sanskrit"

Debates on Rajiv Malhotras Book - The Battle For Sanskrit

Issue: Rajiv Malhotra's book "The Battle for Sanskrit" is serves the primary knowledge source in current battle for Sanskrit and Sanskriti. It sets up the debate whether:

  • Sanskrit is sacred or Political?
  • Oppressive or Liberating?
  • Dead or Alive?

Here we've complied the debates and opinions surrounding the book.

Introductory Articles by Rajiv Malhotra:

  1. Key Debates in Battle For Sanskrit
  2. Why Sheldon Pollock is a very important Indologist to Engage
  3. Insiders versus Outsiders: Who Speaks for Our Heritage
The Battle For Sanskrit: Media Follies
1. Dr. Naveen Chandra's letter to Ananya Vajpeyi in response to her comments on TBFS
Dr. Nityanand Mishra replies to Ananya Vajpayee on The Battle For Sanskrit