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Either Act or Resign Madam Mamata Banerjee – An Open Letter to Mamata Banerjee

Madam Chief Minister, 

Disturbing reports have come from West Bengal in recent days. There have been reports of continuous riots – anti Hindu riots in Dhulagarh, Howrah perpetrated by Jihadis who want to convert West Bengal into Bangladesh. And there are also allegations that you have failed to uphold the rule of law because of your biased appeasement politics wherein you are alleged to protect such anti social elements for appeasing the community to which they belong.

What shocked me most was the blatant way in which West Bengal police and govt acted against Zee News Editor Sudhir Chaudhary et al. Have you been able to arrest those riot perpetrators ? If not , how come your Police act against the media for reporting the truth? This is the age of the social media. Everyone with his/ her smartphone is a reporter and can expose governments. So if you think you can gag the media with your state machinery , you are mistaken madam. We do know that 90% of the so called main stream media is with you for political reasons yet social media exposed you and your farce. You must realize you are living in 2016.

Well madam Chief Minister , I don’t belong to Bengal yet I have spent some of the best days of my life in Kolkata and I love the city of Joy. I love the state of West Bengal. And I must say you have disappointed us. 

You came to power on the promise of deliverance from decades of misgovernance under Communists. And this is what you gave us ! Appeasement politics wherein the safety of people of one community in your state is compromised for appeasing certain anti social Jihadis.

You came on the promise of Maa(Goddess Durga), Maati(the motherland) nd Maanush(the people of Bengal) and you have abdicated all the three. Do you have any right to continue as chief minister ? You have all the time in the world to do your drama politics in Delhi but you have no time for your own people for whom you are constitutionally responsible. 

History remembers Jyoti Basu as someone who stagnated Bengal. History will remember you as someone who destroyed Bengal and its culturalfabric.Bynot acting against Jihadis you are doing a great disservice to the larger community to which they belong.

You have questioned even Indian army very recently only for their routine exercise. When did you publicly condemn/question those Jihadis who carried out riots ? You are so much interested in Dadri and what is happening elsewhere in different parts of India. Why do you fail to look at Malda and Dhulagarh? Why this hypocrisy? Will you kindly elucidate as to what action you and your government took against those rioters of Dhulagarh ?

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History will remember you as the Nero of West Bengal who fiddled while West Bengal plunged into an abyss of darkness. We won’t forgive you either. You will pay a heavy political price. Your political career will be finished. History will remember you as someone who destroyed the state of West Bengal. There was a similar man called Solanki. He was the CM of Gujarat for 4 terms from Congress. He introduced the same appeasement practices(less than you) in Gujarat which you are todayintroducing.Dueto him only, Congress never returned. Why go far? Look at Gogoi in Assam. Invincible Gogoi lost due to appeasement. And you are worse than Solanki and Gogoi. History will remember you as the worst ever Chief Minister in any state in India since independence. You are occupying the same office which legendary BC Roy once occupied. It depends upon you now as to how you want history to remember you. As of now , it is ostensible that you have failed the people of WestBengal.Youhave failed miserably as the head of the govt of the state of West Bengal. This incident in Dhulagarh is not the first one Madam. A few months ago only , the entire country had seen Malda riots. 


Madam Chief Minister , discrimination on the basis of faith is not secularism. It is appeasement or pseudosecularism. Only faith equality is true secularism. Stop denyingmadam.Inthe age of the social media you can’t deny and hide the truth for long. Gone are the days when the truth was at the mercy of state machinery and biased pseudosecular journalists. Therefore, madam chief ministereither act against Dhulagarh rioters or resign forthwith. And I am no RSS man. I have never ever visited any Shakha. Nor am I even a primary member of BJP. I am just a proud Indian like hundreds of millions of others who want to question you for your handling of Dhulagarh riots. Period.

Yours truly

Utkarsh Kumar Shahi

Author: Utkarsh Kumar Shahi

Published: Dec 28, 2016 (First Published on

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