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Endgame Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is not half as bright or smart as he thought he was or his media cronies thought he was. Only the biggest fools on earth believed this man had any substance or had any remote sense of conscience. Post the IAC movement when he formed a political party, most of us put events together and realised quickly that AK was a poor little stooge floated by the Congress. The sequence of “incidences” left no doubt in my mind. Some Janta Adalat crap. Then some RTI activity with Magsaysay award. Then series of promotions by, you guessed it – NDTV, for his RTI awards. Then the IAC episode with Anna Hazare as the front. November 2012 was the month AK revealed himself to the observant ones. He started calling Narendra Modi corrupt with all kinds of bogus allegations. That made it clear to me who had installed him to combat Modi in Gujarat and later in the general elections if it came to that.

There is something foolish AK never estimated about Narendra Modi. But we will come to that a bit later. Let’s just summarise the progress of a wasted, meaningless politician and his absolute quest for power that got him nowhere. This is from one of my past posts:

I need not again write a book on the misdeeds of AK. Quite easily, he is the most morally and financially corrupt politicians of recent Indian history. He wasn’t interested in being Delhi CM. He had hoped some wins in Punjab or Goa would bail him out of his problems. He is yet to learn who undid him – Like his journo-cronies, AK is not all that bright. I only feel sorry for the millions of ordinary people who put their faith in this fraudster and even their money.

It’s okay to make one mistake but hope they don’t repeat it in Delhi or anywhere else in India. In hindsight, Delhi may have been a fluke or deliberately allowed by Modi and Amit Shah to contain this joker in a Senior Municipality role right under their noses and their direct control. This is something AK didn’t estimate. So, he outsourced the CM job to Manish Sisodia and ran around the whole country,advertised across the country claiming he was the latest Prophet who will save the Indian masses.

Nepotism, corruption, molestation cases against his MLAs, black money, fake degree certificates, purchasing journalists by appointing them in lucrative posts in govt institutions. His nonstop abuse of Modi since November 2012 had multiple reasons and motives. We all know what and who AK was batting for. He also had a sinister agenda of constantly batting for antinational forces and black money hoarders. All under the garb of being “anti-corruption”. I am now inclined to believe all the extortion rackets and blackmails attributed to the Aaptards:

Earlier, there were just rumours and Whatsapp gossip about these extortions rackets and blackmails. But now these have become more believable. Now, another chapter has been added to the filthy resume of accomplishments of AK – Slush funds and Spying.  OpenMag wrote a lengthy article on the corruption of AK & Co. but it was mostly ignored till now. 21 of his MLAs were made parliamentary-secretaries to mint money the way they wanted. To cut it short, AK was running nothing but a mafia that included Aaptards, media and foreign funders:

The inspiration for the misdeeds of AK cannot be anyone noble. It seems like Richard Nixon had a deep influence on this filthy character. Spying, sabotage, corrupting investigating agencies and most of all – Creating all kinds of diversions for his crimes by nautankis over Vemula, demonetisation, farmers and what not. Every major nautanki and constant abuse of Modi was nothing but a cover-up for his misdeeds that went on in the Delhi govt with his knowledge. His media cronies knew all this and gladly promoted him. I need not name the individual media crooks since they are already known.

Like I said earlier in this post, AK made a bad estimation of Modi. Like SoniaG and other political duffers he too lived in the fake belief that Modi’s studied silence through non-election times against AK’s allegations and abuses will cause him enough damage. These morons had better learn one thing – Modi is a far more shrewd and cunning a politician than he is given credit for. The only difference is Modi puts his shrewdness to political propriety and harnessing positive work while these anti-nationals use it to screw India; sometimes with foreign help. Yet, Modi is not the guy who will allow a wanton abuser to escape without consequences. After the recent election results on March 11, the abuses against Modi by AK have completely stopped. TwitterCM lies in a hole with his dirty tail tucked between his crack. Everything gone. But worse was to come when it was exposed that AK was running a spy-ring with slush funds and imposters:

Every dream handed to him he quickly jumped on to another by erasing his memories and past. I had rightly predicted three years ago in “The reincarnation of Arvind Kejriwal” that he will see a nightmarish ending. Here’s the finale from that post:

“To erase that final nightmare Peter Proud ends up erasing himself. The book about reincarnation being real never got to be written by his psychologist as he had no living proof left. We are yet to reach the time where AK reaches his one last scene where he escapes his dreams and does the final U-turn. I certainly do not wish him an end like Peter Proud but the reincarnated Arvind Kejriwal is rushing towards a finale. AK is already into his second life; one was before becoming political and one after it. The latter one is the reincarnated AK. The more AK screams and does his “nautankis” the more he seems to set the stage to play victim and pre-empt any prosecution. This may not be possible after the elections. I sincerely hope jail was not one of Arvind Kejriwal’s dreams”.

Endgame is the final stages in Chess or a Card game when few pieces or cards are left. Unfortunately, I don’t see Kejri holding any important pieces or cards with him. Modi has checkmated him quietly; without once even uttering Kejri’s name. This is Endgame Kejriwal and he can save some honour by exiting peacefully and pray he doesn’t reincarnate himself in jail. 

Author: Ravinar

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