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Why Mayawati will never abolish caste

Why Mayawati will never abolish caste

Anybody who believes that Mayawati is protesting against the uncouth remarks made by Dayashankar Singh, or that the Dalit anger is about nothing but this insult and other atrocities perpetrated against them elsewhere, is missing the wood for trees. And to those pious “liberals” who think abolition of caste is something only the Brahminical Sangh leadership is opposed to, one can only say how little they understand human proclivities.

Let us be clear: caste tensions cannot be abolished. You can annihilate caste, as Ambedkar would have wanted, through extreme coercion and violence, but what you will get after this annihilation is another form of identity and differentiation that will again have tension in-built into it.‎ You may not call it caste, but ethnic, racial, religious and linguistic differentiation will exist. So trying to abolish caste by achieving some kind of uniform identity is impossible. People from the Buddha to Mahavira to Vivekananda to Ambedkar to Gandhi to Kanshi Ram to Periyar to the Communists have attempted it - and failed.

Mayawati is not trying to abolish caste; what she is trying to do is build a political super-caste by latching on to atrocities on Dalits and developing a larger tale of common victimhood that will make her powerful. This is no different from Muslim parties trying to build another powerful agglomeration, and the Sangh to build an overarching Hindu narrative. The Communists try and do this on the basis of class, but caste and religion offer better options for building common narratives than class, which tends to be fluid. Castes too were fluid once upon time, but the British tendency to slot people into boxes of identity and post-Independence electoral realities have ensured that castes have become more rigid than before.


How Subramanian Swamy Has Changed The Game In The Rajya Sabha

How Subramanian Swamy Has Changed the

Like the setting of the proverbial cat among the pigeons, the arrival of Subramanian Swamy in the Rajya Sabha has, at least temporarily,changed the narrative in the Rajya Sabha.

With his devil-may-care attitude and refusal to acknowledge the existence of sacred political cows, Swamy has effectively broken the Omerta code on Sonia Gandhi and the Dynasty. She is no longer above criticism or treated as some kind of exalted figure hovering far above the rough-and-tumble of everyday politics. 

You may not like the man, his methods, his choice of words or his kind of aggressive, no-holds-barred political rhetoric, but he has single-handedly established one simple fact: Sonia is a Paper Tigress made to look invincible by excessive political correctness and media circumspection. Her status as someone above the law and criticism has been brought down with a thud.

Swamy did it first by forcing them to face trial in the National Herald asset-grab by Sonia & Son. Now, he is taking the fight to the political plane in Parliament. Suddenly, the Congress is on the defensive, trying to form a ring around the leader to prevent further damage to the image.

Like Abhimanyu scattering the Kaurava Army before being swallowed by it, Swamy has broken through the anti-Modi opposition’s tight grip in the Rajya Sabha by turning the focus away from the government to the disarray in the opposition. Having managed to rile the opposition repeatedly despite getting some of his remarks expunged, Swamy is additionally throwing the rule book at the chair and the opposition, including Ghulam Nabi Azad for an alleged breach of privilege on the Agusta Westland affair.


AgustaWestland Verdict: How Sonia Gandhi sold the nation’s interests for some cash?

Agusta Westland VerdictIn the tele series House of Cards, US President Garett Walker has a rich business man friend called Raymond Tusk who ultimately becomes the cause of his doom. A scheming Vice President Frank Underwood (also the protagonist of the series) exposes the President-Corporate nexus and quickly grabs the throne.

That’s a tele series after all and an American one at that. But Congress is truly International as far as its approach is concerned and Congress eats and sleeps corruption. An Italian court’s judgment exposes the role of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh in AgustaWestland Chopper Deal – The Rs 3,565-crore AgustaWestland contract for buying VVIP helicopters from Italian company Finmeccanica, signed in 2010, involving payoffs to Indian officials.

AgustaWestland Chopper Deal: The Judgement

Citing handwritten notes seized from middlemen, the judgment says that the political leaders accepted commission of 15 to 16 million Euros (Around Rs 120 to 125 crore) in the controversial purchase of the 12 VVIP choppers. The judgment states that the firm lobbied with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her close aides along with then NSA MK Narayanan and then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The Court under discussion – The Milan Court of Appeals is equivalent to an Indian High Court. It overturned a lower court judgement that stated its inability to prove corruption in the AgustaWestland case. The Court also found two of Finmeccanica’s then top bosses guilty of international corruption and money laundering. The Court order mentions Sonia Gandhi’s name (signora GANDHI) four times. The name appears two times each on page 193 and 204 of the judgment. The Order convicts one Giuseppe Orsi, one Bruno Spagnolini and other officials of Finmeccanica. Giuseppe Orsi has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison. Bruno Spagnolini has been given a four-year jail term. The court also ordered the two executives to pay 7.5 million euros ($8.5 million). The two officials were held guilty of paying bribes to Indian officials for easing the business.


Kapil Sibal, Karan Thapar and Kanhaiya – A Deadly Combination

Kapil Sibal Karan Thapar

There is a new word in town “ Prestitutes ”, and there are a lot of so called journalists who fit the description perfectly in India. Merely watching them speak on TV or reading their articles make you furious and extremely irritated. (provided you are not one of them)

I was watching Karan Thapar’s interview of Kapil Sibal on Headlines Today. Remember the Zero Loss Sibal ? If you are following Indian politics closely, you know what i am talking about. The way he speaks for the last 5-­6 years, Sometimes I wonder if his IQ has also gone down to zero.

The so called great journalist and the so called great lawyer were discussing another upcoming “ great ” leader Kanhaiya. (such a deadly combination) Mr. Karan Thapar was talking about Kanhaiya as if he is some sort of an Avatar who has taken birth to grant Moksha to millions of under privileged souls in India.

The way both of them went on singing praises for Kanhaiya was beyond me. What has that moron done to deserve such a hero worship ? or is it that all morons think alike ? Kapil Sibal even went on to say that Nationalism is a thing of your perception and that Nationalism has done so much harm to this country and generally, to the world.


Media bias against Sri Sri's World Culture Festival is shocking

Media bias against Sri Sris World Culture

As an American visiting India to participate in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s WCF, I have been shocked at the way the media has covered the controversy over the event. I find it deplorable that in the reporting of the alleged Yamuna flood plain degradation and NGT response – the media continues to consistently take a position of condemning the Art of Living Foundation.


Enemies outside or enemies within – who is more dangerous?

Enemies outside or enemies within

Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi is in the news for the wrong reasons, yet again.


Has UPA killed the India growth story?

Has UPA killed the Indian Growth Story

India growth story has been deeply hurt by a suffocating bureaucracy and a workforce, which is 'unskilled'.

Steven Rattner, is popularly known as the Car Czar of Obama Administration. This is because of his role leading the restructuring of the auto industry in 2009. A renowned veteran Wall Street financier, he is the chairman of Willett Advisors LLC, the investment arm for New York Mayor Michael R Bloomberg's personal and philanthropic assets.