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Are DUSU Polls Results a Tight Slap on the Face of AAP and Congress?

Are DUSU Polls Results

Elections are like sports. One party or team has to win and another has to face defeat in the true spirit of sports. However, things are much different when you start playing the game, violating the rules of the game and even after these gross violations, you face the humiliating defeat. This is exactly what happened in the just concluded Delhi University Students Union elections.

Normally, University Elections, do not have much political significance, but Delhi University Students' Union Elections are much different in this regard and many mainstream national political leaders of various political parties are the products of Delhi University Students Union.

After grabbing the power in Delhi by playing the deceptive and negative politics, AAP was hoping to win the DUSU elections exactly in the similar fashion, but the negative politics does not pay every time and the manner in which the students of the Delhi University have delivered a tight slap on the face of AAP supported outfit CYSS, there is a clear message from the educated youth that deceptive and negative politics with dramatic presentation, will no longer be tolerated any more.

The desperation to win the DUSU elections was so much deep that the AAP Government has deployed all the resources at its command to somehow win the elections. Senior Ministers and MLAs of the party were campaigning freely in DU Colleges for CYSS candidates in gross violations of the Election Commission code of conduct, threatening the teachers of the colleges, if they are stopped from flouting the norms.

Power comes with responsibility, but when you have political friends like Lalu, Nitish, Mamta, Maya and Mulayam, responsibility goes for a toss and arrogance takes its place. There is a clear and loud message from the educated youth to all those playing deceptive and negative politics that blaming Modi, BJP and LG of  Delhi does not work every time. 

DUSU election results have given a distant third position to CYSS candidate for the President post and in all other positions, the party has been unable to grab even the third position despite all types of unwarranted dirty politics and gimmicks deployed by CYSS before the elections with the active connivance of the AAP Government in Delhi, who has no time left to address the governance issues in Delhi, but has all the time at its disposal for such dramatic presentations to somehow gain the media attention.

Most of the candidates were using the photo of Delhi CM Kejriwal in their posters and other election material. It is not difficult to know as to who has been actually defeated in these Elections.

Like AAP, Congress party was also hoping to win the DUSU elections by applying the similar tactics of negative politics and publicity gimmicks. FM Radio stations were playing loud appeals for supporting the NSUI candidates in DUSU Elections, clearly displaying the money power of the party.

After harassing the people of the country for the last 60 years of its misrule, the party is yet to learn that money power does not work between the educated voters and people are fed up with the negative politics being played by the party even after the people of the country have delivered a tight slap on the face of the party by reducing it to a 44 members party in the Parliament.

After the humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha Elections, people were hoping that this 125 year old party will learn the suitable lessons and for a change, work for the welfare of the people of the country. But people are realizing their mistake of electing even the 44 members of this party.

After the Lok Sabha Elections, the party is continuously engaged in the negative politics, disrupting parliament frequently so that the legislations in the welfare of the people of the country could not be passed in the parliament. Party has already stopped the passage of the Land Bill and GST Bill, because it is fearing that if these Bills are passed, there will be unprecedent development in the country, which this party does not want at any cost.

People will naturally start to ask as why the Congress party could not achieve the same in the last 60 years? Party is already feeling embarrassed as the Modi Government has been able to pass the historic Black Money Act and none of the political parties have mustered the courage to oppose the same, as they are doing for the Land and GST Bills.

DUSU Election results are wake up call for all those indulging in the negative and deceptive politics based on dramatic presentation of dirty political gimmicks. It is time for these parties to take corrective action, otherwise they all should be ready to face another tight slap from the people of Bihar in the forthcoming Assembly Elections.

Author: Rajeev Gupta 

Published: Sept 14, 2015

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