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Understanding the Violence in Valley!

Understanding the Violence in Valley

Insurgencies are like amoeba, constantly changing shape and size. What began as a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan in 1947 has, over time, undergone several metamorphoses. Initially it had socio-economic roots but later became part of a wider Islamic uprising masked by calls for ‘Azadi”. At present it is driven purely by a sense of outrage over impotence and revenge for security forces’ action against the militants.

…ever since the failure of an armed uprising, the domestic elements as well as Pakistan seem to have embarked upon a strategy of making Kashmir valley ungovernable.

Most analysts agree that the ‘insurgency’ in Kashmir began in 1988/89. But such is the close nexus between the proxy war by Pakistan and domestic unrest in Kashmir, that the two are virtually inseparable. The initial impetus was definitely provided by the happenings in Europe (fall of the Berlin Wall, disintegration of the USSR), but a long-term reason was the long cultivated myth of the ‘unique’ Kashmiri identity. This was due to the defensive reaction of the secular Indian State and its cynical exploitation by the West and Pakistan.

During the Cold War period, Kashmir could be used as a pressure point against a pro-Soviet Union India. The Afghan war against the Soviet occupation began winding down in the late 1980s. This was perceived as a victory for Islamist forces and the fighters freed from this war were directed towards Kashmir. Towards the early 1990s, Pakistan sought and got American support for its Kashmir venture as a sort of reward for its role in ousting the Soviet Union from Afghanistan. Insurgency in Kashmir was a virtual certainty in 1988/89.


India's Most Vicious Politician

Indias Most Vicious Politician 1

Some cameramen have the knack of catching the expressions of public figures that expresses their real self. They do it either with stills or get a clip from a video. The picture below describes best what makes up Sonia Gandhi (SG) – With her vicious expression!


Do You Know Your Sonia Gandhi And Rahul Gandhi? - Dr Subramanian Swamy

Do You Know Your Sonia Gandhi

Defamation case by Sonia Gandhi quashed and Do Know Your Sonia Gandhi? - Subramanian Swamy

Background of this topic:

Sri Narain Kataria against whom the INOC had filed a 100 Million USD case. Sri Narain is 78 years and has an indomitable spirit. You would remember that New York based Indian National Overseas Congress Inc. (INOC) has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York for $100 million against three prominent Hindu activists Narain Kataria, Arish Sahani and Bharat Barai for allegedly defaming UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi by releasing a full page advertisement in The New York Times during her October 2007 visit to the US.




The Police brutally lathi-charged a group of students in NIT University, Srinagar. And the crime of the students was that they dared to defy the local Kashmiri students who were celebrating the defeat of India in a cricket match. Their crime was that they dared to fly the National Flag and raise slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.

Put this in perspective to the anti-India slogans raised just 2 months before in JNU, in the very heart of India, its capital New Delhi. Mr Sitaram Yechury, Mr D. Raja, Mr Arvind Kejriwal & of course the one & only Mr Rahul Gandhi, just to name a few, instantly scrambled to the JNU. They stepped over each other to show support by going to JNU & made lofty speeches on the ‘Freedom of Expression’ and how it was in danger of being muzzled, how the Constitution was being trampled upon and the spectre of Hindutva Fascism was now looming large over India.

Their outburst was against the barbaric Police action of registering cases against these righteous students, who were supposed to be the future of our nation and that too, on just a trivial issue of them raising slogans like-

*India tere tukde honge, Inshallah, Inshallah*; *India ki barbadi tak, Jung rahegi Jaari**Kashmir Ki Azaadi, *Ghar ghar se Afzal niklega*.

Moreover, this event was organised, on a very auspicious occasion of the ‘Martyrdom of Afzal Guru’, a terrorist sent to the gallows by the Supreme Court; surely a very honourable deed to celebrate such a distinguished personality, inside a foremost University. The virtuous students Shri Kanhaiya Kumar & Miya Umar Khalid were unjustifiably slapped with sedition cases & select media houses like the NDTV, CNN-IBN, India Today etc. telecast the episode non-stop, in such finery, glorifying Kanhaiya & Umar Khalid as the new youth icons & the government as being more repressive & intolerant than Adolf Hitler.


A Report on Tarek Fatah's IIT Bombay Talk - Change in approach?

A Report on Tarek Fatahs IIT Bombay Talk - Change in approach

In the excitement of bashing Pakistan and militant Jihadis, many of us became ardent fans of Tarek Fatah. Infact he was almost treated as a RW insider.

However, after hearing his views, first in a closed room and then in a talk that he gave at IIT Bombay, I think we all need to pause and look at Tarek Fatah in an objective manner.

He is certainly not a wolf in sheep's clothing; he does take a stand against Jihadis but may be it was a hasty conclusion on the part of many RW thinkers to view him as a “nationalist” Muslim.

I have compiled few points that Tarek Fatah made at IIT Bombay. I would list them first so that my friends can go through them. I would then list my closing remarks:


A Small Victory in the Big War

Article on Wendy doniger

There has been a flurry of writing activity in the wake of an out-of-court Settlement that Penguin India sought with SBA (Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti) and 5 others and which led to the withdrawal of Wendy Doniger’s book The Hindus. Just to clarify - there has been no ban by any court till date concerning this book. Thus I hardly think this is an occasion to study the encroachment on freedom or the purported shortcomings of Indian legal system. Still, if someone is disturbed by allegations of this nature by some pseudo intellectuals, it would be good to look at the statement issued by Monika Arora concerning the law and determined anarchists who are trying to be above the Rule of Law [1] . I am not wasting my time writing about a book torrentially full of the most basic factual errors that make it unworthy of even being dubbed an intellectual monstrosity. Vishal Agarwal [2] , a talented engineer, has already done a brilliant job pointing out the gross inaccuracies – so grandly different from mere factual distortion. In the ‘real world’ so many factual errors should be grounds enough for voluntary withdrawal of any document from public circulation. But more relevantly, this incident provides an interesting opportunity to impartially study the diverse mind sets - especially Indian mindsets - for me.


"Idiotic", Vikram Seth? The Travails of a Sycophant


One of the sad realities of post-independence Indian literature has been the breed of Indian writers writing in English. These worthy inheritors of the infamous Nirad Chaudhry [1] discovered a short-cut to success: any shocking portrayal of bride burning, sati or prostitution certainly got them overnight fame and a couple of (re)awards for a job well done. They have quite seriously appropriated the mantle of conveying to the whole world a mythical India mired in millions of horrific practices. Let us take the case of Vikram Seth, an Indian novelist and poet, who has written some-odd novels and poetry books of doubtful standing and has wrangled some awards including one of ‘Crossword Book’. He has tried to make a career of it, but that does not come easy. For such a path, one has to excel in sycophancy. One has to sell one's soul, appease a lot of firangis and suck up to them non-stop. The deal  also includes calling one's own patriotic and eminent countrymen "idiotic" and "obscurantist" or even "extremists" [2].  One has to efface one's self-respect and plead for the causes of foreigners even when they are distorting and invading the sacred [3] in the name of "scholarly work". A "liberal intellectual’s” slanderous work is never done!