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A Report on Tarek Fatah's IIT Bombay Talk - Change in approach?

A Report on Tarek Fatahs IIT Bombay Talk - Change in approach

In the excitement of bashing Pakistan and militant Jihadis, many of us became ardent fans of Tarek Fatah. Infact he was almost treated as a RW insider.

However, after hearing his views, first in a closed room and then in a talk that he gave at IIT Bombay, I think we all need to pause and look at Tarek Fatah in an objective manner.

He is certainly not a wolf in sheep's clothing; he does take a stand against Jihadis but may be it was a hasty conclusion on the part of many RW thinkers to view him as a “nationalist” Muslim.

I have compiled few points that Tarek Fatah made at IIT Bombay. I would list them first so that my friends can go through them. I would then list my closing remarks:


Kapil Sibal, Karan Thapar and Kanhaiya – A Deadly Combination

Kapil Sibal Karan Thapar

There is a new word in town “ Prestitutes ”, and there are a lot of so called journalists who fit the description perfectly in India. Merely watching them speak on TV or reading their articles make you furious and extremely irritated. (provided you are not one of them)

I was watching Karan Thapar’s interview of Kapil Sibal on Headlines Today. Remember the Zero Loss Sibal ? If you are following Indian politics closely, you know what i am talking about. The way he speaks for the last 5-­6 years, Sometimes I wonder if his IQ has also gone down to zero.

The so called great journalist and the so called great lawyer were discussing another upcoming “ great ” leader Kanhaiya. (such a deadly combination) Mr. Karan Thapar was talking about Kanhaiya as if he is some sort of an Avatar who has taken birth to grant Moksha to millions of under privileged souls in India.

The way both of them went on singing praises for Kanhaiya was beyond me. What has that moron done to deserve such a hero worship ? or is it that all morons think alike ? Kapil Sibal even went on to say that Nationalism is a thing of your perception and that Nationalism has done so much harm to this country and generally, to the world.


Media bias against Sri Sri's World Culture Festival is shocking

Media bias against Sri Sris World Culture

As an American visiting India to participate in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s WCF, I have been shocked at the way the media has covered the controversy over the event. I find it deplorable that in the reporting of the alleged Yamuna flood plain degradation and NGT response – the media continues to consistently take a position of condemning the Art of Living Foundation.


Is JNU a democratic or a Left hegemonic space: Professor Makarand Paranjape

Is JNU a democratic or a Left hegemonic space

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) English Professor Makarand Paranjape on Monday questioned if JNU was a “democratic space”, as was being projected, or a “Left hegemonic space”. He also questioned why Leftists had trouble accepting the “legitimacy of the Indian state”.


Enemies outside or enemies within – who is more dangerous?

Enemies outside or enemies within

Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi is in the news for the wrong reasons, yet again.


"Idiotic", Vikram Seth? The Travails of a Sycophant


One of the sad realities of post-independence Indian literature has been the breed of Indian writers writing in English. These worthy inheritors of the infamous Nirad Chaudhry [1] discovered a short-cut to success: any shocking portrayal of bride burning, sati or prostitution certainly got them overnight fame and a couple of (re)awards for a job well done. They have quite seriously appropriated the mantle of conveying to the whole world a mythical India mired in millions of horrific practices. Let us take the case of Vikram Seth, an Indian novelist and poet, who has written some-odd novels and poetry books of doubtful standing and has wrangled some awards including one of ‘Crossword Book’. He has tried to make a career of it, but that does not come easy. For such a path, one has to excel in sycophancy. One has to sell one's soul, appease a lot of firangis and suck up to them non-stop. The deal  also includes calling one's own patriotic and eminent countrymen "idiotic" and "obscurantist" or even "extremists" [2].  One has to efface one's self-respect and plead for the causes of foreigners even when they are distorting and invading the sacred [3] in the name of "scholarly work". A "liberal intellectual’s” slanderous work is never done!


Has UPA killed the India growth story?

Has UPA killed the Indian Growth Story

India growth story has been deeply hurt by a suffocating bureaucracy and a workforce, which is 'unskilled'.

Steven Rattner, is popularly known as the Car Czar of Obama Administration. This is because of his role leading the restructuring of the auto industry in 2009. A renowned veteran Wall Street financier, he is the chairman of Willett Advisors LLC, the investment arm for New York Mayor Michael R Bloomberg's personal and philanthropic assets.