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JNU, Kashmir & Discrimination

JNU Kashmir  Discrimination

I think  that we should use our own discrimination and judgment. Since all times, students have revolted against the established older – even though 99% eventually settle and work in the very society they once despised. This we have to accept. Many of us have done it in our time. There is no Sedition there, but youthfulness, enthusiasm, idealism, even if it is misguided and exploited by Marxists, Indian National Congress, the Media, etc.


“Rangeela” Rasool can kill but “sex worker” Durga won’t

Rangeela Rasool can kill but

As Smriti Irani, in her much talked about Loksabha speech, read out the contents of a 2013 JNU pamphlet containing derogatory references of Goddess Durga; she was merely trying to score a political point over opposition that had accused Modi government of meddling in the affairs of JNU by subverting freedom of expression.


The azaadi Kanhaiya seeks can only come from these azaadi’s

The azaadi Kanhaiya seeks

Dear Kanhaiya,

It was great to see your speech. Your oratory is extremely powerful.


What we know so far about the declassification of Netaji Files

What We Know So Far About

The central question  is whether these files tell us anything definitive about Netaji’s fate.

On 23 January Narendra Modi demonstrated that he means to keep his promise of declassifying Netaji-related files by releasing the first tranche of 100 files belonging to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), most of which were classified until now. The Government plans to release the remaining files at the rate of 25 every month.


Subramanian Swamy: This Nehru-Gandhi family is totally Anti-National

Subramanian Swamy This Nehru-Gandhi family is totally Anti-National

Subramanian Swamy—economist, teacher, politician, irrepressible “trouble maker” and relentless hounder of the Nehru-Gandhi family. The case he lodged in 2012 against the Congress’ supposed illegalities involving the little-known but very-wealthy newspaper called National Herald, has reached the Delhi High Court now, which has asked Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to appear before it.


National Herald affair: It’s fraud all the way

National Herald affair- Its fraud all the way 1

The bare facts exposed by Dr Subramanian Swamy on the National Herald affair this month are eloquent, needing very little prose. The fraud is explicit without exposition. Here are the basic facts. Financial crisis forced Associated Journals Limited (AJL), the publishers of National Herald newspaper founded by Pandit Nehru, to close down the paper in 2008. To pay off the employees to help the closure, the Congress Party had given interest-free loan of Rs 90 crore plus to AJL, then. With the newspaper shut, AJL had become a mere real estate company in 2008, with property in Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai worth over Rs 2,000 crore in its balance sheet.


साहित्‍य अकादमी पुरस्‍कार लौटाए जाने के पीछे राष्‍ट्रीय-अंतराष्‍ट्रीय साजिश काम कर रही है!

सहतय अकदम परसकर लटए जन क पछ रषटरय-अतरषटरय सजश

मुख्य बातें

  • साहित्‍य अकादमी पुरस्‍कार लौटाए जाने के पीछे राष्‍ट्रीय-अंतराष्‍ट्रीय साजिश काम कर रही है जिसमें अमेरिका- सउदीअरब- पाकिस्‍तान तक शामिल है
  • संयुक्‍त राष्‍ट्र संघ मे भारत की दावेदारी को रोकने लिए अमेरिकी, सउदी अरब व पाकिस्‍तान मिलकर काम कर रहे है। इसके लिए भारत को मानवाधिकार पर घेरने और उसे असहिष्‍णु देश साबित करने की रूपरेखा तैयार की गई है
  • इसके लिए पहले अमेरिका ने अपनी धार्मिक रिपोर्ट जारी कर भारत को एक असहिष्‍णु देश के रूप में प्रोजेक्‍ट किया और उसमे गिन-गिन कर भाजपा के नेताओ व उनके वक्‍तव्‍यो को शामिल किया गया
  • इस समय सउदी अरब का राजपरिवार संयुक्‍त राष्‍ट्र संघ के मानवाधिकार आयोग का अध्‍यक्ष है और पाकिस्‍तान के हित मे वह शीघ्र ही भारत को मानवाधिकार उल्‍लंघन के कटघरे मे खडा करने वाला है। 

साहित्‍य अकादमी पुरस्‍कार लौटाने का यह जो खेल चल रहा है, आप लोग इसे हल्‍के में न लें। PMO India मोदी सरकार पर किए गए इस वार में पर्दे के पीछे कांग्रेस पार्टी-अंतरराष्‍ट्रीय एनजीओ-मीडया का बड़ा नेक्‍सस काम कर रहा है। मुझे जो जानकारी मिली है, उसके अनुसार, मोदी सरकार ने खुफिया विभाग से इसकी जांच कराई है और प्रारंभिक जांच में यह पता चला है कि है, देश में चल रहे इस कोलाहल में अमेरिका-सउदीअरब-पाकिस्‍तान तक शामिल हैं। बकायदा इसके लिए एक अंतरराष्‍ट्रीय पीआर एजेंसी हायर किया गया है।