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The great Hindu revolution of Narendra Modi

The great Hindu revolution

All these clever journalists got it wrong: true UP voted for Narendra Modi – but more than anything, they voted for a man who works 17 hours a day, who puts the country before himself, who is bold enough to take a huge gamble- demonetisation- because he believes it is necessary for India. A man who fights against corruption without fear and is the Prime Minister of all Indians, though once more, it is the Hindu vote which elected his party the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

This election may also have signalled the beginning of the end of caste politics, another cancer that gnaws at India’s entrails – and Mrs Mayawati had become a champion at it, taking a leaf from the Indian National Congress, who for 70 years, mostly got elected on the Dalit & Muslim vote.

Many newspapers and television channels blazed across the headline: “Saffron wave in Uttar Pradesh”. This is another ill-advised coin word, that wants to sensationalize and demean, but which falls flat. What does ‘saffron’ mean? First saffron is mainly cultivated in Kashmir – and that by Muslims – so it’s a wrong comparison. Secondly, in Hinduism, saffron is the color of renunciation, a beautiful and noble tradition, that has been followed all over the world, by Buddhists, Jews, or Sufi saints. Mr. Modi and many of his ministers, such as Manohar Parrikar, have renounced many of the worldly pleasures to work for their party and their country. When will Indian journalism stop being small, petty, untruthful, without any depth or vision? The mastery of English does not make an Indian better than a simple country folk of UP or Tamil Nadu, who lives more in his or her heart than these arrogant journalist and intellectuals. I was most of the day, when the election results came, on the WION TV studio, with different panels of journalists. Most of them were of the old Nehruvian-Marxist mold, dinosaurs, who do not realize that they are out of sync with reality and are clinging to an obscure and anti-evolutionary path. One of them, from the Hindu newspaper, even said that demonetization was ‘communal’! Can you imagine how biased the guy can be?


For The Sake Of The Nation, Congress Needs To Dump The Dynasty

For The Sake Of The Nation

It is fine for the BJP to talk about a Congress-muktBharat, for every democracy needs a viable and credible opposition.

If Congress needs this place, it has to dump the Dynasty.

The audacious move by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to form governments in Goa and Manipur even though it is not the single largest party has got practically everyone, barring Prime Minister Narendra Modi fans and BJP supporters, crying foul.

They are right. Of course, the BJP is playing foul, very foul. Yes, the governor should, going by convention (there is no provision in the Constitution), first invite the single largest party to form the government. Tempting as it is, this article will refrain from indulging in whataboutery on this issue. In any case, others have done so veryeffectively.

Now that the standard lamentations about propriety and convention have been done, let’s ask the most pertinent question – what is the Congress complaining about? That the BJP was the fastest on the draw? That’s like the person losing a race complaining that the winner ran faster.

report in the Indian Express graphically depicts what a clueless Congress was doing even as the BJP acted decisively to anoint a chief minister and start negotiations with other parties. After fighting about who would be chief minister, the Congress held a secret ballot and then sent the results of that ballot to Delhi!


If India does not survive, then who would?

If India does not survive

What has conspired in Delhi University (DU) recently is not a matter of ‘freedom of speech’. It is also not a case of ‘intellectual freedom’. Some of the key conspirators are students to whom college degrees have been eluding for several years. In these intervening years, they have been availing facilities and funds provided by the government at the cost of many other more deserving and less privileged young boys and girls. The years that these students have taken in struggle with academics are indicative of their sincerity, character and mental abilities.

Who on this earth would like to listen to eructation’s of such imbeciles in a seminar? These characters have found support from the same teachers who have not been able to bring them to the standards of barely passing the examinations in the stipulated time. These teachers do not carry even a hint of guilt.

What is palpable of these teachers is not their academic learning but their anti-India posturing on various TV channels. Are these teachers only to impart education to those with whom they share ideological affinity? Don’t they have a wider and more sacred responsibility? This criminal compact between subverted teachers and students in the college campuses is wrecking India from within.

The whole DU incident needs to be seen with the prism of national security, which has two vital components, i.e. internal security and external security. In fact, national security is an outcome of the degree of harmony between the two.

To decipher the phenomenon of the student-teacher criminal compact in JNU, Jadavpur, Osmania and now Delhi University, the evolving contours can be traced back to the year 1979. This was the year when the Iranian Revolution took place, this was the year when there was an attack on Mecca and this was the year when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Consequently formidable jihadi machinery in the name of ‘global jihad’ was assembled by the military-intelligence establishment of Pakistan on the Af-Pak border region. Money and weapons flowed from Saudi Arabia and US respectively.


Why Kashmir’s Mainstream Parties And Separatists Are Uniting Against General Bipin Rawat

Why Kashmirs Mainstream Parties

By taking a stand in support of stone-pelters, the “mainstream Kashmiri leaders have only added fuel to the fire and further aggravated the situation”.

One can only hope that good sense would finally prevail and the people of Kashmir would stay away from the encounter sites.

This would help the Army and paramilitary forces in conducting anti-insurgency operation in an effective manner and restore peace and normality.

The 15 February warning to stone-pelters in Kashmir that those who would attack security forces during anti-insurgency operations would be considered terrorists and dealt with accordingly, has not gone down too well with both the separatists and the so-called mainstream political parties.

On the other hand, Army Chief Bipin Rawat’s warning got fullest support from the Union Home Ministry and the Director General of Police (DGP), Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju defended the Army Chief and said there should be action against stone-pelters as “national interest is supreme”. The J&K DGP warned that stone-pelters would be “destroyed if they refused to stay away from the encounter sites. It happened for the first time after years that the Army Chief, the Union Home Ministry and the J&K DGP spoke in one voice and it was quite understandable as the provocation was very, very grave.


Bollywood, Maoists and Lutyens Media: An unholy threesome

We woke up to two pieces of news this Saturday. The first: public-outcry on Sanjay Leela Bhansali for misrepresenting Rajput history. The second: of a 1,000 year old Ganesha sculpture in Chattisgarh being destroyed by Naxals.

Film director Anurag Kashyap, who isn’t really known for his investigative-abilities as much as he is for his imaginative fiction-writing; magically root-caused the Sanjay Leela Bhansali issue to “Hindu Terror”. The Naxals’ destruction of the Dholkal Ganesha though, was an “act of frustration that comes from exclusion”.


Is 100-Acre Land Enough To Rehabilitate The Exiled Hindus Of Kashmir?

Is 100-Acre Land Enough

Recently, the J&K legislative assembly called for the creation of an atmosphere that induces Kashmiri Hindus to return to the valley.

In addition, the J&K government announced that they had identified 100 acres of land in Kashmir for rehabilitation.

Panun Kashmir, a frontline organisation of the internally-displaced Kashmiri Hindus, was displeased as they continued to demand a separate homeland.

On 19 January, two very significant developments took place, both in Jammu, and both related to Kashmiri Hindus, who on this day in 1990 quit their land of Vitasta (Jhelum) to save their lives, culture, dignity and religion, and became refugees in their own country. They left behind their houses, business establishments, orchards, agricultural tracts, ancient temples, shrines and what not. (Their exodus was a blot on the Indian state.)

That day, the Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly sprung a big surprise by adopting unanimously a resolution seeking the creation of a congenial atmosphere that could induce the internally-displaced Kashmiri Hindus to return to their original habitat. Interestingly, the resolution was moved by Leader of Opposition and former Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah (Daily Excelsior, 20 January). It is a different story that none in the assembly questioned his indifferent, nay hostile, attitude to the issue of great national and human import despite being the Chief Minister for a full six-year term.


Either Act or Resign Madam Mamata Banerjee – An Open Letter to Mamata Banerjee

Madam Chief Minister, 

Disturbing reports have come from West Bengal in recent days. There have been reports of continuous riots – anti Hindu riots in Dhulagarh, Howrah perpetrated by Jihadis who want to convert West Bengal into Bangladesh. And there are also allegations that you have failed to uphold the rule of law because of your biased appeasement politics wherein you are alleged to protect such anti social elements for appeasing the community to which they belong.

What shocked me most was the blatant way in which West Bengal police and govt acted against Zee News Editor Sudhir Chaudhary et al. Have you been able to arrest those riot perpetrators ? If not , how come your Police act against the media for reporting the truth? This is the age of the social media. Everyone with his/ her smartphone is a reporter and can expose governments. So if you think you can gag the media with your state machinery , you are mistaken madam. We do know that 90% of the so called main stream media is with you for political reasons yet social media exposed you and your farce. You must realize you are living in 2016.

Well madam Chief Minister , I don’t belong to Bengal yet I have spent some of the best days of my life in Kolkata and I love the city of Joy. I love the state of West Bengal. And I must say you have disappointed us.