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The American Guilt Syndrome

The American Guilt SyndromeThe subconscious mind of a victim of heinous crime often responds to the trauma by developing a Victim’s Guilt Syndrome, which is a psychological defense mechanism to stop having to deal with an external adversary. This is accomplished by internalizing the adversary within the victim’s own notion of selfhood. For instance, rape victims are often known to acquire guilt, as a rationalization that rape was their own fault and that they even deserved it. Fearful of dishonor to their families, they hide in shame over their status as rape victims. A variation of this pathology exists amongst some kidnapping victims, a prominent example being the case of Patricia Hearst. After being kidnapped by a terrorist organization, named The Symbionese Liberation Army, in the 1970s, this young woman from a billionaire family joined her captor’s ideology.


3 Indias At War: Sensex India, Maoist India, And Bharat

3 Indias at war

In order to understand India’s present dynamics, it is helpful to think of three competing forces at work internally, each with its distinct support bases and strategic ambitions. Of these forces, Sensex India and Bharat are pro-nation forces even though they fight each other, while Breaking India opposes the unity of India. This article summarises some key kurukshetras within India where these forces are at war with one another. I want to make it politically correct to discuss this in the mainstream.


Spiritual values need of the hour, says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Rekindling spirituality is the need of the hour, spiritual guru Ravi Shankar said Sunday, following the death of the Delhi gang-rape victim.

“This is the time when spiritual teachers must come out of their (mutt) and awaken people to spiritual values,” Ravi Shankar said in a statement.