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Is Arnab Goswami playing a fixed match with political parties?

is arnab goswami playing

It is often said that in Politics, what you see is not always true and what you are told is also not necessarily true. Sadly, the same is proving to be true for Media these days as well.

Media is no longer the same, but everybody knows that. Nobody runs a newspaper, a radio station or a TV channel just on ideology or passion anymore. It has become a business, a brazenly biased, favour seeking, profitability driven business. Gone are the days when the Media was taking stands on principles and would go out of business fighting for their core values. Not anymore. Now the ideology and values come with an expiry date or a price tag.

I have worked in the media industry for 26 years and so I know a little bit about what I am saying. I have seen it first hand, some of the so called big shots changing their positions overnight, some of the biggest media companies doing a complete U-turn on their stories, as soon as a phone call is made, by someone that matters.

Talking about TV, some strange things are happening these days. India Today group has, quite unexpectedly, rehabilitated Karan Thapar and Rajdeep Sardesai, at a time when both these anchors were on the wrong side of Prime Minister Modi and to a great extent, lost much of their credibility, over the last few years. Why would India today do that is anybody's guess?

The fact that Mukesh Ambani has now entered the media scene by buying a media company that employed Rajdeep Sardesai previously hardly surprised anyone.

What is an unfolding situation right now is Times Now and its hyperactive, super shouting anchor Arnab Goswami. His widely popular show, The News Hour, has created waves in the country. Arnab has been very vocal and very blunt on most issues; he has spared none and does not care about any politician, from any party. He is fearless and is perhaps the only real journalist left today.

or so we thought…

During the Lok Sabha elections 2014, Arnab was VERY critical of the Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal in particular. On many, many occasions, he would show an empty chair and ridicule aam aadmi party for not coming to his show. He would criticize them in debate after debate after debate, for being utterly hypocritical and what not. He was also accused of being a little soft on BJP, who were widely believed to form the next government.

Fast forward to November and things are now very different. The same Arnab Goswami has been shouting from the roof tops every day with his anti-BJP, anti-Hindu stories, leaving no stone unturned in attacking the BJP or the RSS, directly or indirectly. Every minor story related to some Sadhu or Sadhvi or an M.P. or a Minister is made into a big national debate and the BJP spokespersons are hardly given a chance to speak. Most of the time, they are attacked and ridiculed of talking too much, when they are hardly given any time to speak.

The same Aam Aadmi Party, who has got only 4 members of parliament, that too from just 1 state, and NO state governments anywhere in India, is now called on Arnab's show, almost every single day. The debate can be on defense, on cleanliness drive, on foreign policy, on black money, on  Kashmir, on anything, one thing is almost certain: Someone from aam aadmi party will be there, participating in that debate, enriching us all with their wisdom.

How are they even qualified to be there is a question nobody is asking. There are a lot of other parties who have been in power in many states and with many more members of parliament than AAP, why not call them? Why such blatant publicity and media presence granted to AAP ? does it have something to do with the upcoming Delhi election ? Has someone struck a deal somewhere so that Aam Aadmi Party gets screen time on national television, in prime time? After all, Delhi election might be their last chance.

Arnab Goswami, you are asking a lot of questions to a lot of people every day. As your erstwhile fan, I am asking you a simple question. Please answer me. What is going on at The News Hour ?

Author:Vipul Jani

Dated: December 17, 2014

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