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Rahul Gandhi: Kindly stop being hypocritical

Rahul Gandhi Kindly stop

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi informed a Congress gathering that his mother had told him about power being poison. Yet he has happily consumed it and his family remains addicted to it for generations

While leaders of the Congress, who continue to remain in the grip of sycophancy, are showering praises on Rahul Gandhi for his laboured peroration at Jaipur after his appointment as vice-president of the party a couple of weeks ago, people who have not suspended their ability to dispassionately view events and political developments are disappointed and shocked.


12 things I leant from secular politics of India

12 Things I Leant from Secular

1. Terror Has No Religion.

No, none at all. But, since a Hindu nationalist PM took over the reins of this country, Hindu talibanization of the country is on the rise.

No, it’s not a fact that more than 90% of all terrorists are from a particular community. That has just been made up. Believe me, please.


Muslims hold the Key to Bihar Elections

Muslims hold the key to Bihar Elections

The bugle has officially been sounded for Bihar Assembly elections, which will be contested in five phases. Battle lines have also largely been drawn - it will broadly be a bipolar contest with the BJP-led NDA pitted against the “secular alliance” of JD(U), RJD and Congress, christened “maha-gathbandhan” or grand alliance (GA). The Left parties, NCP and SP form the third front but they are marginal players. As far as issues are concerned - which are intricately entwined also with the vote banks - they will revolve generally around caste, governance and religion.