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While Indians Feel Ashamed to Endorse Our Culture, Westerners Recognize the Values in Our Culture!!!

While Indians Feel Ashamed

We live in a quick paced world and for a while now we have been bombarded with terms like global citizen, border less world, and world village and so on and so forth. In a world such as this, cultures have mixed and blended even while trying to retain their own charm. New concepts, religions, cultures and ‘isms’ have emerged; either completely replacing or at least substituting in part the older cultures.

Technology has made life easier but also made humans more materialistic. Stress has increased manifold leading people to seek spiritualism in a bid to maintain a balance between what they want and what they need. Almost all religions of the ancient world have been lost in time; in other words very few of the Pagan religions have survived. Hinduism has the distinction of one of the few Pagan religions that has withstood the test of time. It has been in practice through centuries despite facing several onslaughts.

Intellectual slaves

When the British arrived their main aim was to plunder the wealth of this country. However, that wasn’t their sole aim. They hoped to create ‘Westernized Indians’; Indians in name and western in thought. They had realized that a body blow could be given to Hinduism and Indian culture only if they created ‘intellectual slaves’. They have been largely successful in their mission considering the number of Hindus who love to be ‘secular’ rather than take pride in their religions. Ours is probably the only nation where the majority is dubbed ‘communal’ and made to feel defensive about being a Hindu.

The intellectuals, journalists, writers and other such people, who influence thought process of the citizens, often look down upon the country’s traditional lifestyle and culture. They take undue pride in being ‘modern’ which basically translates to ‘western’.

Facing the onslaught

It is not uncommon to find anti-Hindu narratives in the Indian media itself. Leftist and Congress have created an ecosystem that has bred anti-Hindu intellectuals ever since independence. In short, the so called seculars have carried forward the legacy and agenda of the British. The average Hindu seems to be least bothered in countering this narrative, lest he/she be branded as communal and intolerant.

Hindu seers have given much more to the world than merely a culture. The very basis on which the world runs, mathematical and computer algorithms have their roots in India’s past. Hindu sages have written books on all aspects of life from the mundane to the spiritual. In the modern world we hanker after recycled Indian concepts and keep looking to the West for approval.

While the West is becoming more Hindu and Indian in outlook, Indians are failing to recognize the greatness of their own religion and culture. It is now the right time to set things right. Move forward but stay rooted because a tree whose roots are weak will fall with the slightest storm.

Author: Latha Iyer

Published: Oct 27, 2016 (Originally post on

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