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Why Westerners are Getting Attracted to Hinduism?

Why Westerners are Getting

It takes all sorts to make the world!  Whether you are born in America, Iran or India….you either gratefully realize the existence of Supreme Power that guides the universe….or…you are too  indifferently busy in materialistic life to bother over it….or…you are a non-believer to the extent of hating that Supreme Power people term as God!

Let’s discuss about the first category…the believers. The believers in the Supreme Power call Him as Lord Almighty, Allah or Vishnu as per the religion they are born in.Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are the top three religions in the world. The believers incline towards gaining spiritual knowledge through the religious doctrines and scriptures available in their religion. For Muslims, it is Holy Quran. For Christians, it is Holy Bible. For Hindus, well, there is an Ocean of religious Literature like Vedas, Upanishads, Mahapuranas etc.

Quran was written by Mohammad around 609 CE. Even Bible Scholars believe Bible to be aseventh century human artifact. From time to time, these doctrines have been tampered with for convenient changes. Mohammad,who had specified polygamy allowed up to four marriages for Muslim men, justified his fifth marriage to his daughter-in-law with some verses of Quran. As to Bible, the researchers have discovered manyinconsistencies,anomalies and repetitionsof stories in the Bible.

Hinduism is the oldest faith in the world. The religious scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas are timeless, consistent and constant. The time of their origin is too ancient to be calculated by human beings. Hinduism and its divine Literature teach us a way of life.  These Literatures guide the seekers with the correct knowledge about oneself, the universe and the Creator.

The Christian Missionaries are busy converting more and more people to Christianity by using different means. Over the years, the quality of the religion has been badly compromised for the sake of quantity. The percentage of practicing Christians in the Christian countries across the globe is fast diminishing. The Church-goers are almost an extinct species.  In the countries like UK, USA and Europe, the empty churches are being sold for converting them into Bars, Hotels, Malls or offices.

Let’s get into the reason for this alienation in Christians. The basic concept of the religion itself is indigestible. Christianity holds its followers responsible for the sins of someone else. It is referred as ‘The Original sin’ or ‘Ancestral sin’. Christians aresupposed to pay for the sins of Adam and Eve. The religion initiating with such a negative note fails to attract the interests of its followers.  The bankruptcy of relatable theories in Christianity is giving rise to Atheism in western countries.

Bible further presses that only Church-goers will find place in the ‘Heaven’ in the sanctum of Lord’s love. Non-believers, according to Bible will rot in ‘Hell’ till eternity. Christianity does not believe in reincarnation. So, the actions of one lifetime shape one’s eternal future! Now, I say, that’s a huge pressure on Christians….to suffer for the sins of ancestors, visit Church regularly as a penance to be in the good books of Lord or live in the constant fear of hell till death.

No wonder spiritually inclined believers find Bible inadequate to quench their thirst for spiritual knowledge. Hinduism which is also known as Sanatana Dharma welcomes the aspirants of divine knowledge quite acceptingly. Hindu Philosophy enlightens about the Universe (Brahmaand), its creation, its being and its destruction. In Sanskrit, it is called Srishti, Sthiti and Laya respectively. It also throws light on one’s imperishable inner soul, its journey and its destination. Our Scriptures impart the precious knowledge on the Supreme Controlling Power which controls the Universe and infinite souls. (Jeeva).  In Hindus, the Supreme power is called as Vishnu. Eternal Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas sing the glory of His unmatchable powers, infinite qualities, actions and incarnations. Putting in a nutshell, Hindu Philosophy acquaints you with the Big Picture about what you are inside out! No burden of ancestral sin or hell! In fact, Hindu Philosophy fills one with optimism and peace.

Most of the westerners get introduced to Hinduism through Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. Globalization is helping reach these rich assets of Hinduism to every corner of the world. Over 200 million Yoga practitioners worldwide reap the benefits of this rich heritage of Hinduism. The positive effect of Yoga on mind and body encourages people to know more about Hindu cultures and traditions. Ayurveda too has been certified by WHO and globalized worldwide. The Main Deity presenting Ayurveda is none other than Lord Dhanvantri, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Vegetarianism is gaining popularity in the west. People are being conscious about the health benefits of being vegetarian. The pollution by livestock and gas emission by their slaughtering is the matter of concern everywhere. Hence, ‘Go green, go vegetarian’ is the latest trend in the western countries. As Hinduism preaches nonviolence to the animals, westerners are getting hooked with the religion.

Last and not the least, ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) is spreading Krishna (Incarnation of Vishnu) Consciousness globally with astounding response from people .People find the teachings of Bhagvad Gita directly applicable and practical. Bhajans of ‘Hare Krishna’ bring out the deep devotional feelings in the minds of devotees. ISKCON has done the noble deed of imparting the knowledge about the Creator of the Universe, Krishna in the countries like UK, USA, Africa, Russia and even China. Atheists worldwide are becoming devotees of Lovable Krishna.

Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. There is a vast treasure of Literature in Sanskrit which is extraordinarily informative, modern and highly scientific. Starting from Astronomy, Architecture, Economics, and Geography to the religious scriptures, Sanskrit Literature is loaded with information. Sanskrit is taught in many major Universities across the world. Thus, young students are introduced to Hinduism.

All the festivals, cultures and traditions practiced by Hindus have scientific background and related to Nature. In Hinduism, knowledge is superior to rituals. Karma is related to rituals, cultures but knowledge is not restricted to time, place or person.

While speaking on the topic, we must recall the contributions of Swamy Vivekananda who introduced and preached Hinduism in World Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893. He inspired many followers to embrace Hinduism as their way of life.

As David Frawley says, Hinduism is the eternal tradition and the Religion of Earth.

Author: Jyothi Suparna Chincholi

Published: Nov 04, 2016 (Originally post on

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