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Spoken Samskrita Ganga at our doorsteps (NOW in Canada!)

Samskrita Bharati – the organization that has successfully spread the ‘Speak Sanskrit’ movement across the globe for past 30+ years is now active in Canada as well. The primary mission of the non-profit endeavor is to promote Samskritam (a.k.a. Sanskrit) as a spoken language.

There is no need to establish the importance of Samskrit – who would deny the fact that it is key to vast repository of ancient texts in so many branches of knowledge – be it sciences or literature (and of course the religious scriptures).

However, few common myths that have driven many of us away from our ‘grand-mother tongue’ are that Samskrit is difficult & not meant to be spoken language. If we explore, it is clear that any language has two levels – one is spoken (or conversational) and the other is literary. Usually, the literary level of any language needs study whereas spoken component is easier. Let us illustrate this concept – For a simple statement ‘Child drinks water’ we can make it complex (like sentence on left side below) but we keep it simple (as on right side) – in fact, we enact it in class!

Samskrit appears to be difficult when one tries to learn it the ‘wrong’ way. The ‘grammar translation’ method along with medium of instruction in other language (like English or vernacular language) certainly makes it appear tough to understand.

Consider this - has any child found learning his/her mother tongue difficult when it is regularly spoken at home? It is now well known that the best way to learn a spoken language is to ‘Listen, Speak, Read & then Write’.

SanskritSamskrita Bharati follows exactly that very pattern – through its tools and techniques that have been refined over 3 decades. We conduct sessions where even a beginner (adults as well children) can communicate in 1000+ daily use sentences after attending 1-day workshop. Medium of instructions in such ‘shibir’ is easy to follow simple Samskritam. To help participants get better at ‘sambhASaN’ we even conduct regular weekly classes (in-person as well as over tele/video conference). Our handouts and books even includes Roman transliteration (so that lack of knowledge in Devnagari script is not a deterrent)

The movement of learning and spreading conversational Samskrit may seem small but it will open the doors again of our rich culture which is written and preserved in Samskrit language.

Ideally, Samskrita Bharati volunteers speak in Samskritam rather than speak about Samskritam – and they would want to communicate the arrival of Speak Samskritam movement in Canada through medium of Samskritam. Read more on website or contact via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

संस्कृतेन संभाषणं कुरु जीवनस्य परिवर्तनं कुरु samskRitena sambhAShaNam kuru jIvanasya parivartanam kuru == Speak in Sanskrit & Transform Life!

Author: Harsh Thakkar

Published: Jan 10, 2015