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Intellectual terrorism of the Left: The case for Dr. Makarand Paranjape

Intellectual terrorism of the Left

The Controversy

In a recent incident which should be shocking for anyone caring about freedom of expression, Dr. Makarand Paranjape, the professor of English Literature at the JNU, and a famous author, was barred from recording a conversation with Harsha Dehejia at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, to which he was earlier invited.

The recording was cancelled because of the aggressive posturing of ‘Dalit activist’ Chinnaiah Jangam against Dr. Paranjape. Jangam is also a faculty member of the University. Laying baseless allegations against Dr. Paranjape, he accused him of “hate speech”. In a clear case of intellectual terrorism, he intimidated the studio administrator and the organizers of the event into submission and got the recording cancelled. 

Shocked by his vitriolic abuse against Dr. Paranjape and Indian civilization, he was asked by Dr. Dehejia to substantiate his allegations and counter the arguments of Dr. Paranjape. Chinnaiah Jangam responded to this offer with disgust, saying that he “didn’t care”, and that he “doesn’t want to talk to him”. He just wanted to smother the voice of Dr. Paranjape.

What is truly baffling is that the topic on which the conversation was to be recorded was: “Drishti: Is there an Indian way of Seeing?” It is a truly philosophical and cultural topic which should have no ideological opposition; no ‘activist crusaders’ foaming at the mouth.


How must Bharat deal with Kashmir and Pakistan now?

How must Bharat deal with

Kashmir on boil again, army camp attacked, stone throwing by girl students, jawans killed, youth killed in cross-firing, security forces humiliated are the headlines now days. We rarely hear of Jammu and Ladakh that constitute 84% of the State’s land area.

So why has the situation worsened in Kashmir during the last year?

Did you know that, “Nearly 5,000 protesters were booked under different sections for stone-throwing during the 2010 summer agitation while 1,325 persons, including 95 minors, were arrested during 2013 when Kashmir witnessed widespread protests following the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru”?

Were they convicted? The answer is NO. Why?

In July 2016, “the Jammu and Kashmir police initiated the process of withdrawing cases against 634 stone-throwers, out of the several thousand who have been charged with the crime during the past eight years, following the state’s government amnesty order.”

With this amnesty stone-throwers know the State government is on their side. Subsequent to the Supreme Court questioning the use of pellet guns in Kashmir and media outcry, it appears that the CRPF has either stopped or reduced their use.

Thus, stone throwers know that neither would F.I.R’s be filed nor do they run the risk of being injured by pellet guns.


Remove Article 370 to salvage Kashmir from Al Qaeda

Remove Article 370 to salvage

For some years now, the Kashmir Valley has been witnessing the most sleazy and abysmal form of jihad by way of ‘stone pelting’. The youth of Kashmir have been robbed off their ability and manliness to cut or chisel rocks for building of society and India. For this they must depend on the labour from outside the Valley. It is this labour which has created the recent Chenani-Nashri Tunnel linking Jammu with the Valley.

Weaned on Wahhabi or Salafi Islam, the life of youth in the Valley is self-destructive. Every stone that is hurled at the security personnel is also a hit on Kashmiriyat and ancestors of the stone-pelters. A segment of the population which treats its geography and history as its enemies, is certainly in the brink of destruction.

If conversion to another religion manifests in hatred for inherited ancestors and ethnicity, surely then security analysts must reflect on those streams of religion which cause ‘terrorism’ and lead to the phenomenon of self-destruction and suicide bombers. The stone-pelting facet of terrorism in the Valley has been the consequence of years of religious ferment. The whole country was aware of this ferment, the Kashmiri Hindus even suffered on that account, and yet we never had the intellectual courage to confront it. It is possible that probably the non-Muslims of India did not exercise their intellect on the study of various schools of Islam like Wahhabi, Salafi and Deobandi.


Britain betrays its Hindus, Jains and Sikhs

Britain betrays its Hindus

Britain’s Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, its peaceful Dharmic communities, are faced with the worst historic setback they have ever suffered on British soil. The threat of anti-caste judicial activism in Britain and the wider world beyond is now almost certain to become a dreaded reality. Predictably, the incumbent Conservative government, which had pretended sympathy over the threat of an ill-conceived anti caste law for electoral reasons, is readying to betray them. And what it has done, in usual inimitable style, is to create a smokescreen to mislead the affected communities with a false sense of security. It has initiated a sham consultation to review the desirability of such legal provisions against alleged caste discrimination. But behind the scenes the government and its agents are engaged in a sordid approach to community leaders in order to persuade them to accept a legal regime that would be profoundly detrimental to the interests of the community.

The consultation document is so shoddily crafted it implies a lack of respect for the affected communities. It contains casual inconsistencies and missteps. Worst of all, the government seems to have reached a decision already on what the outcome of the consultation will be, in advance of it. It bespeaks withering disregard for people of Indian origin while British ministers serenade gullible Indians about the merits of free trade with the UK. The consultation document artificially differentiates two aspects of the singular assault against Dharmic communities as supposed alternatives. The first is legislative sanction to create a civil offence of caste discrimination. The second is to allow the courts to continue deciding, as they are already doing, alleged caste discrimination complaints by covering them under existing provisions on racial bigotry.


Why liberals hate Baahubali?

Why liberals

Liberals hate Baahubali! Their reasons range from obvious to ridiculous, but they are unanimous in their intense hatred for something so deeply and intensely loved by Indian masses.

Baahubali is yet another case in which India’s cultural elite dominated by the left-liberal intellectuals and protected by Congress-communist eco-system stands against the people of the country, against their wishes and preferences. For the masses are head-over-heels in love with Baahubali; they love everything about it. They are swooning over the special effects, the picture perfect sceneries, the admirable characterization, the script, the action sequences and the general ethos of the film which is full of righteous chivalry.

On the other hand, most left-liberals absolutely hate the film and are not hiding it. Some choose to keep quiet, some openly express their disgust. They are complaining about many issues, ranging from obvious to ridiculous. Shekhar Gupta is foaming at the mouth on the ‘portrayal of tribals’ in the movie. He accuses Baahubali of ‘shameful profiling’, pitting the city-dwellers against the tribals. On the other hand, the romance between Shiva and Avanthika has been described as nothing short of the ‘longest rape scene’ in India! (1) And these are the same people who virtually campaign for Sunny Leone!

One has to ask the question: why does the Left react so strongly to a movie, and always in negative terms?


Hinduphobia: Mocking hindus, their politicians & gurus


It is sad that the Supreme Court has again opened the case of the Babri Masjid against LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi. Whatever can be said about the merits of razing the Ayodhya mosque, no Muslim was killed there, whereas the ‘revenge’ bombings of Mumbai killed scores of innocent people, mostly Hindus, without speaking of the thousands of Hindu temples razed in Bangladesh and Pakistan post Ayodhya.

I have known these two men for more than 30 years. Mr Advani is an upright, honest, dedicated and non-corrupt politician who has been labelled all kinds of names by the media. Yet, I have never seen him ask anything for himself or his family and he always lived a simple life. Indeed, his spartan habits have carried him to an advanced age, where he still has all his physical and mental abilities intact.

Politics is something of a Russian Roulette: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. There is no doubt that Mr Advani would have made a good Prime Minister. But Mr Vajpayee always kept him in check, and when Mr Modi came on the scene, Mr Advani was already in his 80s. This is why I would have liked to see Mr Advani as the next President of India, for he would be an honourable, active and pro-India one. Let us see what the future holds, but I want to pay my respects to Mr Advani and Joshi, because 30 years ago, when it was not fashionable, they were pioneers of Hindu power and led the way for the coming of the BJP and Mr Narendra Modi to form this strong government that is now spreading its wings all over India.


A short and concise ‘Manifesto for a Liberal Hindu’

A short and concise

Extremely eminent intellectual and one of the greatest thinkers of our times, Sagarika Ghose had written an article asking Liberal Hindus to write their own manifesto. As her suggestions, nay, commandments are binding upon the people of this nation, I have written a short and concise Liberal Hindu Manifesto. It will help all unwashed Hindus to be liberal and intellectual like Lady Sagarika. Someday, I hope to see this manifesto enshrined in our constitution as well: 


WE, THE LIBERAL HINDUS OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to release a liberal manifesto, as ordered by the patron saint of liberalism, Saint Sagarika, do hereby declare that,

We may, at home, observe the Puja secretly, but on social media, we will dismiss all Hindu rituals as ‘mumbo-jumbo’. At the same time, we will visit some Dargah and click selfies with the skull-cap and dupatta over our heads.

We will, tweet about our dogs getting sick of Diwali firecrackers. We will also outrage against the Yulin dog festival and post heart-rending pictures of dogs in cages. We will also outrage against Jallikattu and write substandard blogs about how cruel the sport it. However, we will not break our silence over Eid slaughter. We will also refer to Gaurakshaks derisively, because cows are not animals worthy to be saved, except when we are talking about Jallikattu.