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Indra’s Net: Another Masterpiece by Rajiv Malhotra

Indras Net Another masterpiece by rajiv malhotra

There have been some very disturbing developments in recent decades related to Hindu Dharm. For most people who have grown in seemingly free, democratic environment such things would be hard to believe unless confronted with supporting evidence. One such development is the portrayal of Hinduism, as it existed before 18th century, as an incoherent mix of ideologies and that all Hindus owe a deep debt of ‘gratitude’ to the colonial masters to make Hinduism a legitimate religion. Maybe some credit of such distortion could be given to the iconic figures like Swami Vivekanand. At first glance such ideas might sound like ridiculous set of distortions but the implications are truly sinister. If, as portrayed, Hinduism is just a quaint mix of unrelated ideas, it becomes prone to being prey to the fragmentary and predatory tendencies that are in the first place projecting this image. Hinduism is the oldest living religion and like the vast ocean, has incorporated many astic philosophies over the ages. Sadly, this very diversity, expansiveness and openness makes it a challenging job to rebut any wild allegation with superficial evidence. It requires a very dedicated soul committed to the study of core Hindu dharmic principles both in theory and practice. Mr. Rajiv Malhotra is one such man on a mission. 


Hinduism = zero intolerance

Hinduismzero intolerance

India is not a land of persecution, but of debate, dialogue and enquiry. Everyone can follow a different path to worship and salvation, make varied lifestyle choices, and still co-exist in harmony. This Diwali, four leading spiritual gurus shine a light on tolerance as the fundamental Indian way of life.


Ajit Doval – The Chanakya in the team

Ajit Doval-The Chankaya in the team

Just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumes office after a blitzkrieg electoral offensive that saw Congress and its allies vanquished as never before, the dishonest and inefficient bureaucrats in the South and North Blocks are scurrying for cover. At the same time, there are officers of unimpeachable integrity and enormous potential who were thus far ignored by a scam-ridden, dysfunctional regime headed by a gentleman who would perhaps be remembered as the most unheard and unseen Prime Minister of India. Whereas there would be many brains of excellence in the Modi Team, India’s new National Security Advisor (NSA), Ajit Doval distinguishes himself from the rest in many ways.


The Case for Sanskrit as National Language of India

The Case of Sanskrit as National Language of India

Hindi is a regional language

Based on massive historical evidence in the form of lakhs of books in Sanskrit written by authors spanning over several millennia and spanning the length and breadth of India and covering every imaginable branch of knowledge, one can say with confidence that at the pan-India level Sanskrit is mukhya(principal) and all other languages including Hindi are gouṇa (subordinate). 


The next level of lowness by media

The next level of lowness by media

The next level of prostitution by our presstitutes will be news like this:

1. Goel ji's 4 year old daughter bites Guptaji's 3 year old daughter. Younger Goel children are being persecuted by Guptas.

2. Mishra ji's wife buys a saree worth Rs. 700 from She then flaunts it in front of Shrama ji's wife who bought the same saree for Rs. 730. Mishras are facing cruelty in India.