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Real Scandal Is Not Just Kejriwal’s Legal Bills, But The Oligopoly That Jethmalani Represents

Real Scandal Is Not Just Kejriwal

Kerjiwal’s attempt to get the Delhi taxpayer to pay for his legal bills, amounting to an astounding Rs 3.42 crore, is indefensible.

But that is the lesser scandal. The real scandal is what this tells us about the ethics and extortionate behaviour of our senior counsel, including the irascible Ram Jethmalani.

The fuss over Arvind Kejriwal’s attempt to get the citizens of Delhi to pay for his legal bills, incurred in his attempt to defame the Finance Minister, may actually be the lesser of the two scandals that are now in plain sight.

Nothing requires a sitting Chief Minister, howsoever keen he may be to root out corruption in the Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA), which Arun Jaitley presided over for a long time, to make over-the-top allegations about the latter’s direct culpability in the irregularities spotted there. So, to claim that the allegations were made in his capacity as Chief Minister, and hence the state must pick up his legal bills, does not wash. A large part of the moral responsibility for the defamation case is personal, and, in Kejriwal’s case this has been the norm. He has been prone to making wild allegations against all and sundry even before he became Chief Minister.

Kerjiwal’s attempt to get the Delhi taxpayer to pay for his legal bills, amounting to an astounding Rs 3.42 crore, is thus indefensible.


Why Saba Naqvi is afraid of Mullahs on TV and why we must encourage that

Why Saba Naqvi is afraid

In a recent write-up on the current state of ‘secularism’ and minorities in India, Saba Naqvi warns about Mullahs on TV1, calling for a ban on them appearing on news channels in panel discussions. Her caution implies that the appearance of Mullahs on TV is a bad thing for minorities.

But, how? How does the appearance of a fundamentalist mullah, on TV harm the interests of minorities? In what way can a mullah on television be more dangerous than a mullah on the ground? After all, on a television debate, thousands of miles away from his perceived enemies, a religious fundamentalist can only fret and fume. On the ground, he can do much more. So, why be afraid of him appearing on TV?

If anything, such appearances only expose the medieval barbaric mentality of these religious fundamentalists and their ilk, making Muslims, especially Muslim women more aware of the dangers that they face from their own community. Having them on TV can actually educate the Muslim masses about the pitfalls of the fundamentalism of their religious ideology. Having them on TV can be the easiest way of exposing their fundamentalism, loosening their hold on their communities and strengthening the cause of the moderates.

And to prevent them from appearing on TV would prevent their exposure in front of the Muslims as well as other religious communities, and would help maintain their iron grip on the Muslim community. In short, mullahs on TV will help the liberal cause and banning them would help the cause of the fundamentalists.

Then, why is Saba Naqvi, who styles herself as a liberal journalist and claims to fight for the ‘development of the Muslim community’, is warning against mullahs appearing on TV? Whose side is she fighting for?


The Threat Against Hindu Temples and Vedic Culture in India

The Threat Against Hindu Temples

This article shows how the Indian government is purposely jeopardizing the future of Hindu temples.

With a little attention, anyone can see how Hindu institutions and Hinduism in India are unfairly targeted by a combination of vote bank politics and unscrupulous politicians and businessmen. Particularly alarming is the destruction of Hindu institutions and the illegal mass conversions by other religions.

Through the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act (HRCE Act) of 1951, state governments have appointed managers to the boards of temples in the name of better administration, while mosques and churches are completely autonomous. This Act allowed the state governments and politicians to take over thousands of Hindu temples and maintain complete control over these temples and their property. Many abuses are committed by multiple state governments using the power accorded through this Act. Then they can sell the temple assets and properties and use the money in any way they choose. Often the temple and the devotees who patronize them do not see any of the money, nor does it come back to assist the Hindu community to which the temple belongs. Some of this money is that which is directly donated by the pilgrims and devotees who attend the temple, given for the temple upkeep, or for the priests and deities. However, some of the money is disbursed by the government for ulterior causes or to other non-profit organizations based on political connections. 

In Andhra Pradesh under the Chief Minister, tens of thousands of acres of temple lands are sold away leaving temples with little economic basis. This is done without the permission of the local Hindu community. The state government and the endowments department, whose duty is to safeguard the temple properties, have turned a blind eye to such encroachments or take overs of temple properties. The state government recently went to the extent of regularizing encroachments at nominal prices. These encroachments are often found to be closely associated to various political parties.


Dalit Poverty

Dalit Poverty

Indian Economy

Poverty of Dalits in India cannot be treated as a snap shot at a given instant of time. The role played by the 1000-year Islamic rule, 200-year Christian rule and 60 year Socialist- Marxist rule must be considered.  A second factor is the economy of the UK itself that resulted in the utter impoverishment of Indian people. Furthermore, one must look at countries like Canada and the US to see if Christianity was blamed for the poverty of nonwhites in these countries. In general, the blame is attributed to the governments and to the religions that propped up these governments. Hinduism never was in power in these 1260 years.

The table shows Angus Maddison data plotted below where the x-axis is telescoped at the end.

Year CE







































Notice the following factors from the table:


The Long History Of Racism Against Indians In America

The Long History Of Racism

“Every steamer from the orient brings a load of these highly undesirable people, most of whom are quite likely to become a public burden. They do not fit into the domestic or social economy of this country. As labourers they are inferior, and any severity of climate incapacitates them from work. “They are, in fact, the product of generations of lazy life under the tropics. We do not know how or why these people have been induced to come to California. We can understand that certain powerful influences which desire to introduce the cheapest kind of labour may have been brought to bear, but now that public attention has been directed to the influx by the Call, it may be hoped that some means may be found to stop it. The Hindus are not wanted in California. They are not wanted in any part of the United States. It is a cruel kindness to bring these unfortunate people to this country. They are wholly unfitted for the strenuous life of the temperate zone, and they are further handicapped by silly notions about caste and the special preparation of food in accord with caste rules. They are brought here to serve a selfish purpose, and they die off like flies in the cold season. We have more Asiatics now in this country than is desirable, and the Hindus are the least useful and the most inefficient of them. They are dirty and quarrelsome as well as worthless in the field of labour.” San Francisco Call, 1 February 1910. “Turn Back the Hindu Invasion”.

“Get out of my country” is what the white, Navy veteran Adam Purinton is alleged to have said before shooting and killing Indian Srinivas Kuchibhotla and wounding Alok Madasani in Austin’s Bar and Grill in Olathe, Kansas, on the evening of February 22.

A Sikh victim of a shooting on Friday, March 3, was also told to “go back to your country”. In the past two weeks, four Indians have been shot at, two fatally, sending shock waves through the Indian American community. The 3.3 million Indian Americans have come to relish their reputation as a “model minority”. In 2014, the Smithsonian Museum feted the community through a special exhibit - “Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Shape the Nation”, highlighting the breadth and diversity of accomplishments of Indian Americans.


Beyond Belief: We Are Not All the Same

Beyond Belief We Are

Believer, the recent documentary by Reza Aslan, succeeded in creating quite a buzz among Hindus all over the world. Most people took umbrage over the fact that Aslan zeroed in on a fringe community of ‘believers’ as if they were representative of Hinduism. Aslan was sly enough to acknowledge that theAghoriare a fringe group but that’s as good as saying nothing at all because in the ‘religion’ called Hinduism being a fringe group is quite the norm.

How justified are Hindus, intellectually speaking, in our objections to Aslan’s representation of our so-called religion? Not very, I’m afraid. This is because the problem we are contending with is a conceptual one first and foremost. It has little to do with the facts that one drums up in support of this framework. If Hindus are willing to swallow the conceptual framework thrust upon us by Aslan, then we have no solid ground to stand upon when disputing the facts.

How do we look at the world and who taught us to look at it this way? TheVedicseers did not cram a set of beliefs down our throats. Instead they made unparalleled discoveries with respect to what is Real and developed ways to access the Real, which they labeled as ‘Sat’. The key to lasting happiness lay in self-inquiry that provides access to the Real. Everyone can strive to be happy by following different paths to happiness based on their individual capacities and differences.

Meanwhile in the deserts of the Middle East there was another group of people that saw the world very differently. They claimed – as a factual truth – that there is an entity called God, who is the Creator of the world and who governs the world by his will. This God is the true God and if you don’t want to face dire consequences, you had better represent God’s truth the right way.


झूठे वादे और खोटी नियत वाली आम आदमी पार्टी ने दिल्ली की जनता को वादों के अलावा कुछ नहीं दिया!

झठ वद और खट नयत

लोक लुभावन वादों का मीठा चूरन खिला कर अरविन्द केजरीवाल दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री तो बन गए लेकिन किये गए वादों की लंबी फेहरिस्त के हर विभाग में जनता को केवल मायूसी ही मिली है जानते हैं अरविन्द केजरीवाल वाली आम आदमी पार्टी के वादों के बारे में …

■ दिल्ली में फ्री वाईफाई देने का वादा किया था लेकिन अभी तक कुछ नहीं किया!

■ दिल्ली में 18 लाख सीसीटीवी कैमरा लगाने का वादा किया था लेकिन अभी तक कुछ नहीं किया!

■ दिल्ली में सबको टोटी से पानी देने का वादा किया था लेकिन अभी तक कुछ नहीं किया!

■ दिल्ली में 500 नए स्कूल बनाने का वादा किया था लेकिन अभी तक 5 स्कूल भी नहीं बनाये!

■ दिल्ली में 40 नए कॉलेज और 6 स्टेट यूनिवर्सिटी बनाने का वादा किया था लेकिन अभी तक कुछ नहीं किया!

■ दिल्ली में वैट की दर आधी करने का वादा किया था लेकिन अभी तक पूरा नहीं किया!

■ दिल्ली में स्वराज बिल पास करने का वादा किया था लेकिन अभीतक कुछ नहीं किया!