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“Not Today” Another Wake Up Call For India

Not Today

If Church produces a movie, you won’t get a prize for guessing the theme of the movie. Christianity is great, Jesus died for you – all expected & well taken. But it’s stepping on someone’s foot when you say that mine is good because yours is bad. When a religion operates like there is a fixed set of customers and you can grow only at the cost of others, its actions need to be monitored carefully.

One such movie that came out recently is ‘Not Today’. Looking at its website (, there is no hidden agenda, no beating around the bush – it’s admitted openly on the website that the movie is produced by church. It’s a blatant display of Christian chauvinism and illogical insult to Hinduism with childish reason, but expectedly packaged in nice flashy wrapping. Verbatim from the website - “For three thousand years, one dominant religion branded more than one fourth of our nation's population as sub-human—nearly three hundred million people known by many as Dalits.”

The protagonist of the movie is a super-rich 20 year old American guy who drives a Lamborghini and comes to India partying on a whim. Seeing the poverty, he tries to help a poor father who had to sell his 7 year daughter for money and so forth.


5 Questions for Bollywood

5 questions for Bollywood

Dear Bollywood-ers,

After a series of rapes in the country, many people have accused the contents of your movies as one of the main causes of rapes. These allegations are vehemently denied by many of you including Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor etc. Not surprisingly, because you guys have lot of money, because you are popular, your argument is heard more prominently in the media. Based on this, I have some questions for you:

1) Ekta Kapoor recently said - If you men see an item number and get excited, is it the girl’s problem?

My question is what is the purpose of item number in a movie? Is it not to excite people? If a smoker gets lung cancer, do you say that it’s the smoker’s body’s fault because not all smokers get cancer? With almost no role in the story of a movie, isn’t an item number a cheap way to publicize a movie?


Are We Secular or Multicultural?

Are we Secular or Multicultural

Is Bharat a Secular Country ? Or are we better off, being a Multicultural Country ? What's the difference, you would think ? Is it Right ?

The difference is hypocrisy and the lack of it. A country with 83 % of Hindu population wants to show to the world that we care for everybody else, so much, that we are shy of embracing our own dominant religion, Hinduism, even if one of our names is Hindustan.

Western countries do not pretend to be secular, they wear their religion on their sleeves. All the government machinery celebrate Christmas openly and with great fanfare. We see decorations, public celebrations, Christmas trees in all government offices. Ministers and members of parliament openly celebrate their official festival, with no false pretence of being secular.

Western countries have more immigrants than Hindustan. It is very common to see all kinds of people, from all over the world, living side by side, many times not even knowing each other's names for years.


Demand More: Stand Up For Your Social Responsibilities


A couple of weeks back, a jewellery company named Gitanjali published a full page ad in a major English daily, featuring Sanjay Dutt. This was during the days when Sanjay Dutt topic was hot in the media - a court had found him guilty on charges of possessing weapons illegally and powerful politicians were advocating pardoning him.

Assuming that this company has no political or social interest and is only concerned with selling its jewellery in the market, it’s clear that marketing managers of this company think that using Sanjay Dutt, in spite of him being found guilty by a court recently, will increase the sales of their products. It speaks volumes about the perception of ordinary citizens about terrorism and overall political and judicial system.

If the analysis of marketing managers of Gitanjali is right, we Indians don’t give much regard to our judicial system, be it in a positive or negative sense. For high profile cases, either we know in advance who is right, who is not - even before court announces it or we know that whatever court concludes doesn’t have to be right. After twenty years of deliberations,


Why Swami Ramdev Deserves our Respect & Support?

Why Swami Ramdev Deserves Our Respect

Two years ago on June 4th, at Ramlila Maidan, Swami Ramdev (a Sadhu) and his supporters (Innocent public), while peacefully fasting against corruption and black money, were beaten, many of them arrested.  The scale and significance of this FACT is too big for any Indian and Hindu to forget.

It was once again a big reminder to all of us that we are still ruled by centuries old laws, laws that were made by foreigners to control us, to wield muscle power on us ruthlessly, in the guise of some rule. Every human being, howsoever disabled or passive, has the potential to disrupt the peace, so just being alive is reason enough to arrest & beat anyone (even a dead man can be a threat to the peace but then, it may not be much of a use to beat & arrest him).

After this incidence, cases were filed against Swami Ramdev and his organization, investigations were carried out on his money trails, media spent lot of time highlighting those cases and making up negative stories about him.


Changing Indian Families

Changing Indian Families

Many of us remember the big families, large joint families with tens of people living together in one house. Almost at the same pace as inflation and real estate prices, we have seen a breaking of this trend in last couple of decades. Some of us miss those times, some even get frustrated at the state of affairs in families, some see the current trend as an attack on our culture and a western import. All these sets of people are right to a large extent. But we seldom see the reasons behind changing structures of families. Realizing the causes may not correct everything, but we can at least see clearly what can be changed and what cannot be changed, so that we can take a wise decision while living in a family.

A joint family was essentially an economic unit. About 80% population was involved in agriculture and even for the rest 20%, the profession was largely based on what one’s parents and grandparents used to do. This had many repercussions – a large part of people’s lives was spent in a joint family and even when the land or profession was divided later in life, it was divided equally among the sons. This meant that all the sons had equal financial status almost all their lives.


Two Dharmic-Patriots & a Letter


If we had a genuinely secular and patriotic media Swami Ramdev and Shri Rajiv Malhotra would make headlines every other day. Instead the media continuously strives to fill our mind with unimportant things with undue glamorization. Imagine, if we take out all the following items, how much mental space media can save us?

  • Bollywood
  • Cricket
  • Political bickering
  • Making us feel that Indian traditions are inferior to foreign ideologies and lifestyle

Recently, Swami Ramdev wrote a glowing endorsement letter for Shri Rajiv Malhotra. The press release (including the copy of the letter) from Shri Malhotra's Infinity Foundation can be downloaded here. This important news, lost in the sophisticated world of mainstream media, we celebrate it in Jagrit-Bharat circles. Let's reflect on why these prominent Dharmic-Patriots of current times, deserve our society's respect, let alone attention.