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She Works As Maid In Five Houses, And She Still Managed To Secure 84% Marks In Class 12 Exams

She Works As Maid In Five Houses and she still managed to secure 84 marks in class 12 exams

17-year-old Shalini will certainly provide inspiration, motivation and optimism to lot many people who face challenges in their life.  Shalini has scored 84 per cent in her Class 12 exam (in the science stream). Her result may sound ordinary, but her journey has been quite extraordinary.


Innovation And India’s Role In The Knowledge Economy


Dear friends, let me share with you "Innovation ecosystem to empower Indian innovations". I will discuss about few instances of Indian innovations.


Atal Bihari Vajpayee – A Leader Like No Other


Today is the day, Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, will be awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour. Although it is an NDA Government giving an award to an NDA leader, almost nobody can call this a partisan decision with any sort of conviction, because this is the legacy of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as a leader who took the streets against the 1975 Emergency, as India’s first tallest opposition leader, and as a fine statesman during his tenure as Prime Minister of India.


Sam Bahadur – A Gentleman, A Soldier And A Wonderful Human

sam bahadur

I was in class 9th when I first heard my school Principal Colonel V.K Jha talking about Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. He was motivating a crowd of 800 students in an Open Air Theatre without using any mic – which he often used to do – and this time he was sharing stories of the war of 1971. Colonel Jha shared an anecdote which he had heard from Field Marshal Manekshaw during his Academy days:


मैं आज़ाद हूँ

2-27-15 chander shekhar death day

भारत को स्वतन्त्र कराने वाले जिन महापुरुषों का नाम इतिहास के पन्नो पर स्वर्णिम अक्षरों में अंकित है उन्ही में से एक है महान क्रान्तिकारी चन्द्रशेखर आजाद।

चंद्रशेखर आजाद एक गरीब परिवार में जन्में थे। उनका जन्म मध्य प्रदेश के झबुआ तहसील के भावरा नामक गाँव में 23 जुलाई 1906 को हुआ था। उनके पिता का नाम सीताराम तिवारी और माता का नाम जगरानी देवी था। सीताराम तिवारी उन्नाव जिले के बदरका नामक गाँव के निवासी थे। पर उन्हें अपने परिवार का पेट पालने के लिए भावरा ग्राम जाना पड़ा। वहाँ वे एक बगीचे की देखभाल करते थे और तनख्वाह में आठ रुपया माहवार मिलता था। इतने कम वेतन में ही उन्हें किसी प्रकार जीवन गुजारना पड़ता था।